Sunday, October 12, 2008


This may or may not end up being funny, it depends on if what I am thinking is true or not.

Tonight, while deciding that I'm going to procrastinate on studying once again, I thought I'd look at people's blogspot profiles(I know that sounds creepy). I make my way to Colson's and I found the people that he follows. Then I noticed this one blog called "Liquidator". The link in the blog was If I am assuming correctly, I am thinking he was trying to find my blog but just used my name instead of voldey. I'm thinking this because this "Liquidator" blog was last updated Wednesday January 24th, 2001. That was almost 8 years ago and none of us used the internet like we do now.

On a more awesome note, the oilers hockey season starts tonight ^_^. I am going to my second home opener in 3 years and I only didn't go last year because the oilers managed to only win 2 out of 20 games at the end of the 2006-2007 season. I am very excited to be going and to be sitting very close to our home team goalie. It should be a great night. I am hoping I can get my studying done before the game so I can come home and finish my personality assignment that is due on tuesday. I am thinking I may just watch the matrix or A Beautiful Mind and do my assignment on either one of those 2 movies.

Also, on another awesome note, I have found out that a couple up coming blu-ray releases will be packing digial copies as well. Although I think it defeats the purpose of an Ipod to have more gig's of movies than music it will still be awesome. Wall-E, Price Caspian and The Dark Knight will all be packing digial copies and I am very excited that I will have The Dark Knight with me wherever I go. Whether it be in my room, on my laptop or wherever I go on my ipod. Oh the joys :).

That is enough rambling for today.


ShutUpChago said...

You sure do a lot of studying, Justin. It's either on here or on twitter that I hear about it, haha.

Your grades must be good, I'm guessing.

Justin said...

Yes, they are. I don't think I do alot of studying but i guess that remains to be seen. I pretty much just study for an hour and then not again for quite a while.