Sunday, April 26, 2009

Summer has begun

You sure do know its summer when you're staying up until 4am every night and waking up at noon every morning. I really need to stop that, I hate waking up so late into the day. My final final exam went well. I have not found out how I did on it yet, but most of my studying was delayed by my father who decided at the time I wanted to study that he wanted to talk to me again, for the 3rd consecutive year, about getting a new job. He doesn't realize how irritating it is when he comes to talk to me about something when I'm watching a TV show that's almost over, about to go out the door, or trying to study. Before that though, my hockey team collapsed on me along with me playing one of the worst set of games I've ever played. 20 goals in two games pretty much killed any statistical advantage I had on anyone else and I don't feel like we can go back to the team we were when we first started winning. I do hold some hope.

I managed to get a new season 6 of DBZ by conning the cashier into thinking I got the disk set as a gift for my birthday and because of school I could not watch it until now and the first disk was scratched. The only thing true about that was that the first disk was scratched. It also snowed again this week, adding onto the train wreck of what has been known as this past week. Here's hoping this next week is much better. And I didn't even talk about how I couldn't stop thinking about getting screwed over at work while watching DBZ on Tuesday. Oh well. I've calmed down and I'm going to start looking ahead.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Summer movie season

Now that my last final exam is coming up really slowly, I can look forward to the summer movie season, which is about 10 days away. I just have to look at Tuesday and pwn that test and begin my summer on a high note. I will start it off with 9 episodes of Dragonball Z. I will be re-watching the entire series over the course of the first 40 days of summer. With Season 9 coming out on May 19th.

My friend is moving away the first weekend in May and she is one of only few IRL friends I have made since I left high school. Actually, I have only made 4 new friends since I entered high school and thats just because of lazyness on my part. I don't go out often, and when I do, it is only to a movie, in which I just call up some of my closer friends and have them come to the movie at 1am at night.

My car finally kicked out last week and now I am driving the car that my dad had wanted me to drive all those 4 months ago. Its a better car and it actually has heat now. I wonder how that'll be for next winter.

I am going to need to come up with an attack plan on how to tell my dad that I'm going to Portland in June to meet people I've only talked to over the internet. I am going to need some help on this one, but I'll manage. I am still longing to yell "School's out" and that moment will come within the next 36 hours.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Studying resumes

The studying resumed this past weekend, with 3 tests to study for. I pretty much finished studying for once class today and begun another yesterday. It works out very well like that. I guess it appears as if its supposed to snow on Tuesday. I don't like that. But it'll melt really fast so it wont be a big deal.

The playoffs start on Wednesday and even though the Oilers are not in the playoffs for the 3rd straight year, I still have a team to cheer for. Lets just hope they don't get eliminated in the first round again like they did last year. Dang Capitals :(.

Almost one more week before school is completely done for another year. 8 days is enough for me to look forward to the end. With playing hockey again at around the same time every year, this makes exam time go by much faster. I mean, who wouldn't love to do something they love and study at the same time.

Working on Good Friday really helped me with the amount of money I wont be making over the next two weeks. I worked on the 9th, 10th, will be working on the 16th then not again until the 21st, and then I'll only be working for 3 hours. My full time working begins on the 24th, which I don't think should be too bad.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The last week

This is the last week of school. I officially have 3 school days left and that coincides with the 3 remaining games in the Oilers 2008-2009 NHL schedule. Usually the final week of hockey is also the final week of school. It is rather disappointing that both end at the same time. Especially because for most other teams, it doesn't end with the 82nd game of the season. It ends usually a week and a half later with the end of the first round of the NHL playoffs. It appears bleak but the Oilers still have a shot. The only way they can make it is if they win out, which doesn't look like its in the cards right now. But, I will continue to cheer until we are finally officially eliminated from playoff contention.

On another note, I finalized my fall school schedule. I'm taking all psychology classes and it looks to be very fun. Winter isn't finalized yet because I have to get approval for the classes that I picked. I'm going to try and talk to someone about it tomorrow so I can get my full schedule confirmed before I leave the building for the next 4 months.

I am not looking forward to having to present our business plan in front of the class tomorrow. Especially because I have to dress nicely for this occasion. It is going to be very awkward taking the bus in nice pants and a nice shirt.

I think I'ved talked about my hatred for all the publicity that twitter has been getting lately but I'm going to do it again. Twitter is running slower now that all these celebs are using it and soon the creators of twitter are going to be adding useless features to it and all us old users are going to hate it. I can always just tell people, I used twitter before it was ever popular.

I know I talk about hockey way too often in this thing but it's really the only thing I want to talk about. I'll find something else to speak about for next time. Two consecutive entries about hockey is not interesting.