Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The year that was..

As I am sitting here, finally catching up on youtube video's with 11 mintues left in 2008, I thought I'd reflect on the year that was.

Overall, I thought it was quite the year, although I have done nothing to show for it. I remember starting off 2008 the way I will start off 2009, by being pissed off that the Oilers lost a game they should have one, against our arch rival flames.

As per usual the beginning of the year is a blur, but there was one thing on my mind for the majority of the first half of 2008 and that was super smash brothers brawl. I had just planned a brawl party with all my friends just around the time when it was delayed the second time to the first week of march from the second week in feburary, right when my reading week was. Everyday that passed in the first half of 2008 was waiting for brawl. I don't know if that ended up being a good thing or not because now I have not played the game since i played against Zach about 2 months ago. I also remember at the beginning of the year I got my keys to the building(the movie theatre) right before having worked there for a year.

Then by the time the end of April rolled around, I discovered what has I think changed my life for now. I hope this is not just another "obsession" of mine because I tend to get obsessed about "online" environments (see playing gunbound for almost 2 years, with almost a full year dedicated to reaching one of the top levels in the game that is usually reached with cheating). Among discovering youtube, I discovered skype and blogtv, not thinking much of either at the time. Skype I did not think I would ever use and I have yet to do a live show on blogtv, nor do I ever plan on it. Then by the end of may, I uploaded my first actual video. I have done 8 videos over the coarse of 7 months but I hope my uncreative mind can come up with more creative things over the next year. I think I've been in more collaborations than I have actually produced my own content. I am not an opposition of that but I guess these things happen.

With now 1 mintue left in this year, I want to thank all the people I have met over the last 7 months in no particular order Bridget, Jeremy, Shannon, Quintein, Adam, Matt, Zach, Cade, Colson, Leah, Daniel, Michael, my communist Vivien, Kimmy, Mallory, Rosy, Chago, Garnet, and many many more that I currently watch but have not had a chance to watch.

I want to make it so that I actually meet most of you in 2009, hopefully in June. I will not stop until I am on a plane going to Portland for June 27/28/29, whenever it is. This makes me want the next 4 months of school to go by faster than any other time in my life. I would love to stay in Oregon as long as possible, being never being out of this province for more than a week as it is. I don't think my parents will be ok with the idea of me meeting people I've only spoken with on the internet, but I'm 21 now and I think its damn time for me to be doing things the way I want to.

Enough with this crap and lets get on with the day. Wooo school in 5 days (puke)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I have finally found the game that i like the most. Coincidentally it is the only game I can consistently win at. That game is balloono's. I still can't believe it hasn't been out for 2 days yet and i've almost waste 4 hours on that game. But then again, I've wasted 9 hours playing blockles having won only 8 times. Woot I'm so great at that game.

My brother (Karsen) found out about my blog. He was mocking me about it yesturday. He was like "so this Adam guy has got you addicted to spyro again huh?" I was kinda like, wtf how does he know this and he continued about my blogger picture, ect and I kinda just said i do not have a blog. Oh well.

Merry Christmas to everyone I do get to see over the next 24 hours. I will be working most of that time anyway. Wooo I will finally have attained my money goal very soon. But it will probalby decrease after I pay my mastercard and later in the year when I buy my tickets to Portland.

Friday, December 19, 2008

What college kids do

It is almost 4am. It is now the second consecutive night that I've stayed up past 4am after school has finished. On that note school has finished and I'm very happy that school has finally passed, for now. I wish "winter break" would be a little bit longer, but that would take away from the time off come April. Winter term always seems to go by slower, but that's mainly due to getting a week off in February for reading week. Among having good Friday and Easter Monday off as well. Not that I do not envy the Americans who have exams going into May :P.

Thanks to Adam for getting me hooked on Spyro The Dragon all over again. I have not played the game in a good 10 years (probably a little less than that but almost the same) and I am loving every minute of playing again. Although I would have thought that with age came greater playing ability, that is not the case. I forgot how to get to the flying only zone in the Artisans world. While doing the level, I failed to do "all in one" for a good half hour. I am just imagining now what it is going to be like trying to do all the stuff I couldn't do orignally 10 years ago. Woot.

Christmas is in 6 days and I believe I will be getting a camcorder finally. No more stupid digial camera to make my videos. Also this should help the rendering time, stupid vegas 8. Coupled with Christmas is my birthday in 11 days. I told my parents that the camera can be a birthday present as well. Also on my birthday my friend is taking me to the oilers game that night. I just hope over the next 11 days the oilers can get their act together and stop sucking. I do not want to see a 9-2 loss. I would be quite angry.

*falls asleep*

Sunday, December 14, 2008

One more day

One more day of spending most of my afternoon studying. I am falling asleep as I type this and I should have gone to bed an hour and a half ago. I don't want to wake up late in the morning, sunday night TV cannot be screwed up because of this :P

Monday, December 8, 2008


I thought I'd title this latest blog what I have been doing over the past week. I have been studying nonstop since Tuesday November 25th. I wish this would all come to an end very soon. The one thing I am looking forward to is the Dark knight that comes out tomorrow on blu-ray and DVD. I will watch it that night I hope and also what it when it comes back to theatres on the 23rd of Janurary. Besides this I should get to studying just a bit before I go to sleep. Maybe I will just sleep instead. I need to keep up on blogging as well.