Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This blog title should be appropriately titled the fail blog

I have appropriately renamed something as fail club. 3 consecutive weeks of fail. I dont know how much more of it I can take :(. But there have been sufficient reasons for it to be failing so I guess I should not be too upset.

In other news I finished Looking for Alaska today. I enjoyed it a lot. Now time to get started on Paper Towns, if and when I can get started on it. Starting on paper towns may have to wait until after november 6th, when I'm done with school until studying for finals begins in the last week of November.

Guitar hero world tour has been fun so far. I just finished the Tool show and i cannot believe Parabola was 9:07 long. It was a good song but dang thats too long to play on a guitar. ugh.

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ShutUpChago said...

I thought you meant you were finished looking for Alaska.

I laughed at myself when I remembered the book title.