Tuesday, July 28, 2009


[2:39:15 AM] Whitney: dafuck
[2:39:15 AM] Chago: penis
[2:39:15 AM] Chago: ?
[2:39:19 AM] Whitney: NOOOOOOOO
[2:39:20 AM] Whitney: D:<
[2:39:23 AM] Whitney: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU
[2:39:23 AM] Zak: balls
[2:39:24 AM] Chago: HAHAHAAHAHA
[2:39:25 AM] Zak: ?
[2:39:29 AM] Justin: whitney
[2:39:30 AM] Justin: just remember
[2:39:33 AM] Whitney: ?
[2:39:37 AM] Chago: [4:38:15 AM] Chago: penis
[4:38:15 AM] Chago: ?
[4:38:19 AM] Whitney: NOOOOOOOO
[2:39:43 AM] Whitney: -_-
[2:39:49 AM] Zak: Whitney
[2:39:54 AM] Whitney: wuht?!
[2:39:58 AM] Justin: you missed out on zach's pepperoni nipples
[2:40:02 AM] Whitney: X___________________X
[2:40:04 AM] Whitney: OMG
[2:40:04 AM] Whitney: NO
[2:40:04 AM] Whitney: JESUS
[2:40:08 AM] Zak: if you go to sleep then you will dream about the three of us rubbing ourselves vigorously
[2:40:11 AM] Whitney: I DIDNT MISS ANYTHING
[2:40:12 AM] Zak: it's a sexy dream ^_^
[2:40:18 AM] Whitney: ...................
[2:40:23 AM] Whitney: X____________________________________-X
[2:40:26 AM] Whitney: *CLEARMIND*
[2:40:30 AM] Zak: nope
[2:40:31 AM] Whitney: GTFO
[2:40:31 AM] Whitney: GTFO
[2:40:32 AM] Zak: it's already in there
[2:40:33 AM] Whitney: GTFO
[2:40:34 AM] Justin: You'll remember that zach adam and I shared a bed
[2:40:40 AM] Whitney: ;_;
[2:40:42 AM] Whitney: not adam
[2:40:43 AM] Whitney: <3
[2:40:44 AM] Justin: Yes adam
[2:40:47 AM] Justin: he was in the bed too
[2:40:48 AM] Whitney: nonono
[2:40:49 AM] Justin: and we cuddled
[2:40:51 AM] Whitney: ;_;
[2:40:52 AM] Whitney: [2:40:53 AM] Whitney: ADAMMMMMMMMMMM
[2:40:53 AM] Zak: we all cuddled
[2:40:56 AM] Whitney: aehurlgjfdsnbv
[2:40:58 AM] Whitney: GTFOOOOOOOO
[2:40:59 AM] Zak: Adam and I held each other
[2:41:01 AM] Zak: through the night
[2:41:05 AM] Whitney: ._.
[2:41:08 AM] Chago: Voldey Chago: I love Asian's10:34 PM May 26th from web
[2:41:09 AM] Justin: zach saw adam without his shirt on
[2:41:18 AM] Whitney: chago hates aznz.
[2:41:23 AM] Chago: I LOVE ASIANS
[2:41:23 AM] Whitney: azns*
[2:41:25 AM] Whitney: LIES
[2:41:25 AM] Whitney: DUN LIE
[2:41:30 AM] Chago: how dare you.
[2:41:32 AM] Whitney: ^_^
[2:41:35 AM] Whitney: tehe
[2:41:44 AM] Zak: asians suck
[2:41:46 AM] Whitney: weeeeeeeeeeeee
[2:41:47 AM] Whitney: LMAO
[2:41:47 AM] Whitney: HAHAHA
[2:41:50 AM] Justin: i fucking hate asians
[2:41:53 AM] Zak: they suck almost as much as black people
[2:41:53 AM] Whitney: azn[2:41:57 AM] Whitney: LMAO
[2:41:58 AM] Whitney: wait
[2:41:59 AM] Whitney: T_T
[2:42:00 AM] Whitney: RACIST
[2:42:00 AM] Whitney: YOU RACIST
[2:42:03 AM] Whitney: ZAK D:<
[2:42:10 AM] Chago: i'm a blasianspanic jew.
[2:42:11 AM] Justin: niggers need to get back in the cotton fields
[2:42:14 AM] Whitney: I WILL BITE YOU
[2:42:14 AM] Whitney: D:<
[2:42:26 AM] Whitney: -_-
[2:42:27 AM] Whitney: justin
[2:42:32 AM] Whitney: i will rip your legs off
[2:42:45 AM] Justin: whitney
[2:42:51 AM] Whitney: D8<
[2:42:51 AM] Justin: just keep it in the back of your mind
[2:42:56 AM] Justin: that i went swimming with zach and adam
[2:43:01 AM] Whitney: o-O
[2:43:05 AM] Chago: i pick cotton and mow lawns all while managing to not do anything at all.
[2:43:05 AM] Whitney: thats normal?
[2:43:07 AM] Whitney: O_O
[2:43:08 AM] Whitney: CHAGO
[2:43:08 AM] Whitney: D:<
[2:43:13 AM] Whitney: I WILL RIP YOUR PENIS OFF
[2:43:14 AM] Whitney: D:<
[2:43:22 AM] Zak: that needs to be quoted
[2:43:26 AM] Justin: Sure does
[2:43:35 AM] Chago: your threats scare me not.
[2:43:42 AM] Whitney: -_-
[2:43:46 AM] Whitney: o just watch.
[2:43:50 AM] Chago: i like justins tweet :D
[2:43:50 AM] Zak: so you're going to grab Chago's penis then?
[2:43:57 AM] Whitney: ._.
[2:43:58 AM] Whitney: WHOA
[2:43:59 AM] Whitney: ZAK
[2:44:02 AM] Chago: whitney, don't do that.
[2:44:02 AM] Whitney: DAFUCKMAN
[2:44:11 AM] Justin: You would have to grab his penis to rip it off
[2:44:29 AM] Zak: so you're saying that you want to put your hands on Chago's penis
[2:44:33 AM] Zak: and give it a great tug
[2:44:36 AM] Whitney: ...
[2:44:37 AM] Chago: LMFAO
[2:44:39 AM] Whitney: WHAT THE FUCK
[2:44:42 AM] Zak: sorry if this is making you uncomfortable Chago
[2:44:46 AM] Chago: OH MY GOD
[2:44:53 AM] Chago: lkjaglkajg
[2:44:54 AM] Whitney: ._______________________.
[2:44:54 AM] Justin: omg
[2:45:00 AM] Whitney: my mind
[2:45:02 AM] Whitney: is like this
[2:45:03 AM] Whitney: X_X
[2:45:08 AM] Zak: well, you said it
[2:45:12 AM] Whitney: WHY ZACHARY D:<
[2:45:16 AM] Zak: you penis tugger
[2:45:20 AM] Whitney: APERHEGHGJKBM
[2:45:21 AM] Whitney: DAFUCK
[2:45:22 AM] Whitney: D:<
[2:45:29 AM] Whitney: RIPPER
[2:45:32 AM] Whitney: NOT TUGGER
[2:45:32 AM] Whitney: D:<
[2:45:33 AM] Chago: rockinbluetug
[2:45:36 AM] Whitney: NO
[2:45:37 AM] Whitney: NO
[2:45:40 AM] Whitney: DONT EVEN GO THERE
[2:45:41 AM] Zak: LOLOLOLOLOL
[2:45:45 AM] Justin: OJG
[2:45:46 AM] Justin: asdjfasjdflkjds
[2:46:18 AM] Whitney: X________________X
[2:46:22 AM] Whitney: my minddddddddddddddddddd
[2:46:25 AM] Whitney: GET IT OUT
[2:46:26 AM] Whitney: [2:46:32 AM] Whitney: twss
[2:46:34 AM] Whitney: SHIT
[2:46:36 AM] Whitney: G9U=GJPKNDFL
[2:46:43 AM] Chago: whoa whitney
[2:46:43 AM] Zak: Whitney, you're a perv
[2:46:45 AM] Whitney: T_T
[2:46:50 AM] Whitney: YOU
[2:46:52 AM] Whitney: WITH ALL YOUR
[2:46:53 AM] Justin: ahahahahahahhahaah
[2:46:53 AM] Whitney: GLGBEF
[2:46:54 AM] Chago: you're thinking of THAT now?
[2:46:54 AM] Whitney: BLEH
[2:46:55 AM] Whitney: NESS
[2:46:56 AM] Chago: calm your hormones.
[2:46:58 AM] Whitney: NO
[2:47:00 AM] Whitney: D:<
[2:47:01 AM] Whitney: FUCK YOU
[2:47:01 AM] Chago: NO?
[2:47:04 AM] Whitney: NO
[2:47:05 AM] Whitney: I MEAN
[2:47:06 AM] Whitney: EAHPUSGRJBF'G
[2:47:07 AM] Whitney: D:<<<<<<<<<<<,,
[2:47:13 AM] Chago: so you want your hormones out of whack.
[2:47:22 AM] Whitney: ;_;
[2:47:24 AM] Whitney: stop[2:47:30 AM] Justin: this has been tumbled
[2:47:33 AM] Chago: HAHA
[2:47:42 AM] Zak: Whitney, you have so much sexual frustration!
[2:47:47 AM] Whitney: ...
[2:47:48 AM] Chago: she's in heat.
[2:47:50 AM] Whitney: LEAVE ME ALONE[2:47:59 AM] Justin: I'll have to keep adding pieces
[2:48:01 AM] Justin: this is just so good
[2:48:14 AM] Whitney: YOU HAVE A TUMBLR?!
[2:48:20 AM] Whitney: GIMME!
[2:48:21 AM] Whitney: D:<
[2:48:23 AM] Justin: yallcool.tumblr.com
[2:48:24 AM] Zak: I'm putting this on tumblr too
[2:48:39 AM] Whitney: X_X
[2:48:39 AM] Whitney: god
[2:48:41 AM] Whitney: i hate you both
[2:48:44 AM] Chago: tug tug
[2:48:56 AM] Justin: gotta give it a little tug
[2:48:59 AM] Chago: sup tug
[2:49:06 AM] Whitney: OMG
[2:49:08 AM] Whitney: CHAGO
[2:49:09 AM] Whitney: STFU
[2:49:09 AM] Whitney: D:<
[2:49:11 AM] Whitney: I DO NOT
[2:49:13 AM] Whitney: TUG PENISES
[2:49:19 AM] Chago: i
[2:49:20 AM] Chago: am
[2:49:21 AM] Chago: dying
[2:49:22 AM] Chago: right
[2:49:22 AM] Chago: now
[2:49:37 AM] Justin: But you have to grab a hold of the shatf of the penis in order to rip it off
[2:49:45 AM] Whitney: FUCK
[2:49:49 AM] Whitney: I'LL JUST USE SCIRRORS D:<
[2:50:01 AM] Zak: that's snipping, not ripping
[2:50:05 AM] Zak: there is a distinct difference
[2:50:07 AM] Whitney: EXACTLY
[2:50:21 AM] Justin: you distinctly said rip
[2:50:25 AM] Justin: i can quote that too
[2:50:29 AM] Whitney: -_-, i'll cut his penis off.
[2:50:34 AM] Justin: [2:43:13 AM] Whitney: I WILL RIP YOUR PENIS OFF
[2:50:36 AM] Whitney: -_-
[2:50:42 AM] Whitney: WHY CANT I CHANGE MY MIND?!
[2:51:08 AM] Chago: tumbled.
[2:51:25 AM] Whitney: LEUKE IS FOLLOWING ME ON TUMBLR<33333333333333
[2:52:02 AM] Whitney: ^_^
[2:52:04 AM] Whitney: i is happy now
[2:52:20 AM] Zak: don't tug his penis too in all your excitement
[2:52:23 AM] Whitney: -_-
[2:52:26 AM] Chago: thenamestug
[2:52:31 AM] Whitney: i dont need to rip his penis
[2:52:34 AM] Whitney: he's nice ^_^
[2:52:34 AM] Zak: tuggified
[2:52:37 AM] Chago: HAHAHA
[2:52:41 AM] Whitney: -_-
[2:52:47 AM] Whitney: zachary.
[2:52:53 AM] Whitney: i'm gonna kick you
[2:52:56 AM] Chago: tuggie
[2:53:05 AM] Chago: don't you mean you're gonna tug him?
[2:53:11 AM] Justin: this really gives new meaning to the word weenie
[2:53:12 AM] Zak: I have a feeling that the most epic inside joke ever has been created in this chat
[2:53:16 AM] Zak: LOL
[2:53:17 AM] Chago: LMAO
[2:53:33 AM] Chago: whitney i'm seriously going to call you tug now.
[2:53:34 AM] Whitney: ....
[2:53:38 AM] Whitney: no
[2:53:44 AM] Whitney: I DONT TUG
[2:53:44 AM] Whitney: D:<
[2:53:49 AM] Zak: YOU DO TUG
[2:53:57 AM] Justin: Am I the only one who is laughing uncontrolably right nwo?
[2:54:04 AM] Whitney: TUGGIN DOES NOTHING
[2:54:10 AM] Zak: I can't stop laughing either xD
[2:54:15 AM] Justin: Tuaggin does something alright
[2:54:16 AM] Zak: but a mighty tug is the key to ripping!
[2:54:19 AM] Whitney: I HATE YOU ALL XD
[2:54:26 AM] Whitney: OMG
[2:54:27 AM] Chago: TUG = PROCESS OF RIPPING
[2:54:28 AM] Whitney: DAFUCK CHAGO
[2:54:30 AM] Whitney: YOU TOLD AMANDA
[2:54:31 AM] Whitney: ?!
[2:54:32 AM] Whitney: FUCK OYU
[2:54:33 AM] Chago: HAHAHAHAHA
[2:54:34 AM] Whitney: D:<<<<<<<<<<<<<<,,
[2:54:39 AM] Whitney: -_-
[2:54:39 AM] Whitney: god
[2:54:43 AM] Whitney: this is why
[2:54:48 AM] Whitney: i should have slept an hour ago
[2:54:51 AM] Justin: no
[2:54:57 AM] Justin: you should not have slept an hour ago
[2:55:01 AM] Whitney: im cranky and i dont even knoe what im sayin
[2:55:05 AM] Justin: tugney would not have been created
[2:55:05 AM] Zak: you can never go to sleep, Tugney
[2:55:09 AM] Chago: LMFAO
[2:55:09 AM] Chago: OH MY
[2:55:10 AM] Chago: GOD
[2:55:10 AM] Justin: HAHAHAHAHAHAH
[2:55:12 AM] Whitney: -____________________________________________________________-
[2:55:12 AM] Zak: HOLY SHIT
[2:55:15 AM] Chago: ;GkjL;GJaglkjg;klsjg;lkfj'KLDSKLG'jsgl;kajd;kasjg;laskjg
[2:55:19 AM] Chago: I'M DYING
[2:55:40 AM] Zak: xD XD xD
[2:55:44 AM] Chago: STILL DYING
[2:55:49 AM] Whitney: -_-
[2:55:51 AM] Whitney: i hate you all
[2:55:52 AM] Whitney: [2:55:55 AM] Whitney: bed nao.
[2:55:59 AM] Justin: I think i might have woke up my parents with that one
[2:56:13 AM] Justin: no sleeping
[2:56:14 AM] Chago: less dying now
[2:56:23 AM] Whitney: V_V
[2:56:25 AM] Whitney: *sigh*
[2:56:56 AM] Chago: [4:55:25 AM] Whitney: *tug*
[2:56:57 AM] Zak: wait
[2:57:02 AM] Zak: LOVELYTUG!
[2:57:05 AM] Chago: LFMAO
[2:57:06 AM] Chago: ASKJDLGA
[2:57:06 AM] Chago: LGKJAL
[2:57:07 AM] Chago: jkl
[2:57:07 AM] Chago: gja;lg
[2:57:07 AM] Justin: LMFAO
[2:57:11 AM] Chago: LMFAO ZACH
[2:57:13 AM] Chago: OH GOD
[2:57:46 AM] Whitney: BED
[2:57:51 AM] Whitney: WHO
[2:57:53 AM] Whitney: TWITTERED
[2:57:56 AM] Whitney: I WILL STAB YOU
[2:58:03 AM] Zak: XD XD XD XD XD
[2:58:04 AM] Whitney: -______________________________-
[2:58:07 AM] Whitney: zaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak.
[2:58:25 AM] Zak: today was a good day :D
[2:58:32 AM] Chago: today WILL be a good day
[2:58:33 AM] Whitney: STOP
[2:58:37 AM] Whitney: TWITTERING
[2:58:39 AM] Whitney: MY PHONE
[2:58:40 AM] Whitney: D:<
[2:58:51 AM] Justin: :D
[2:58:56 AM] Justin: LOL!
[2:58:58 AM] Justin: OMG
[2:59:35 AM] Whitney: -_-
[2:59:38 AM] Whitney: bednao
[2:59:47 AM] Justin: no bed
[2:59:53 AM] Whitney: fockju
[2:59:55 AM] Whitney: D:<
[3:00:05 AM] Chago: #tugney
[3:00:06 AM] Chago: eh? eh?
[3:00:09 AM] Whitney: omg
[3:00:11 AM] Whitney: X_____________________________X
[3:00:14 AM] Zak: YESYESYES
[3:00:16 AM] Whitney: YOU
[3:00:17 AM] Whitney: FUCK
[3:00:18 AM] Whitney: GUYS
[3:00:26 AM] Chago: wat
[3:02:09 AM] Justin: I think my tumble post is aptly titled
[3:02:13 AM] Justin: #tugney
[3:02:34 AM] Zak: that was probably one of the greatest conversations of my entire life
[3:02:52 AM] Justin: I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my entire life
[3:03:14 AM] Chago: i love everything right now.
[3:03:36 AM] Zak: and the best part is that we'll never forget it
[3:03:41 AM] Zak: and keep reminding her about it
[3:03:43 AM] Justin: no we wont
[3:03:47 AM] Chago: yay tumblr
[3:03:50 AM] Chago: archives
[3:03:59 AM] Chago: sup tug
[3:04:24 AM] Zak: that was so awesome when we both called her Tugney at the same time!
[3:05:01 AM] Justin: that was really awesome
[3:05:08 AM] Chago: oh i didn't even notice justin said it too
[3:05:15 AM] Zak: he typed it right after me
[3:05:36 AM] Chago: is tugtug gone?
[3:05:49 AM] Zak: I guess so
[3:05:54 AM] Justin: no way
[3:05:55 AM] Zak: probably busy tuggin' before bed
[3:05:55 AM] Justin: zach
[3:05:57 AM] Justin: look at this
[3:05:58 AM] Justin: [2:55:05 AM] Justin: tugney would not have been created
[2:55:05 AM] Zak: you can never go to sleep, Tugney
[3:06:07 AM] Zak: that's what I was talking about!
[3:06:10 AM] Chago: we should all skype her right now
[3:06:12 AM] Justin: i didn't actually think
[3:06:17 AM] Chago: so when she signs on she gets 3 nice "sup tug"s
[3:06:19 AM] Justin: we said it at the exact same time
[3:06:26 AM] Zak: good idea
[3:06:38 AM] Chago: doing it now.
[3:06:43 AM] Justin: ok
[3:06:48 AM] Zak: same second too, Justin
[3:06:52 AM] Chago: done
[3:07:02 AM] Justin: done

Sunday, July 19, 2009


All my expectations were met after watching Half-Blood Prince last Monday. Everything I imagined the cave scene to be was fulfilled as with Dumbledore's death and the sectumsempra scene. I could not have asked for a better film. Now to see how well they adapt Deathly Hallows.

I'm going to my 2nd ever wedding in two weeks, with the first being one I don't even remember. It'll probably be the weirdest wedding I'll ever be at. My friend and his wife met over the internet and they aren't planning anything traditionally. They're serving no alcohol and the after party is going to include a huge super smash bros brawl tournament. It'll be interesting to say the least.

I've gone almost a full two weeks without updating this blog. I think I'm drifting away from it, but I don't want to abandon it all together. I don't know what to post here anymore.

I went through my old blog's today and decided to re-read the Pokémon role play that I had with Cade, Adam, Daniel and Chago. I can't believe it was almost a year ago that we had that and I'm still shocked at how awesome that whole thing was. I wish to have another one sometime in the future.

Low and behold, I'm out of things to say again. I'm just glad I finally got more songs from Cade, those 350 were getting old, kinda.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Memories a floodin'

There is a different memory for everyday that I was in Oregon. I can't believe its been a week already since the gathering finished. I think I'm just going to talk about each one, one at a time.

The beach

On the 25th, I went to a real beach for the first time in my life. Along with that I saw the pacific ocean for the first time as well. It is still surreal how nice everything was.
It was on the way to the beach that we heard Michael Jackson had died. We were listening to billy jean on the radio and all of a sudden Cade gets a text from Sam that says Michael Jackson had died. We didn't believe it until Billy Jean had ended and the radio guy said he just died. I will always remember where I was when that happened.

The waves were bigger than I had ever imagined, and the water was really cold. I was disappointed that it was really windy that day. It would have made the experience that much better had the weather cooperated. I would have been nice to go swim in the ocean, but obviously it was too cold with the wind to do that. I'll save that for another time.

I got to fly and awesome kite with the help of Blake and I got to feel what quick sand is like.

I'll never forget that beach.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Saying goodbye sucks

I kinda had a feeling the 10 days would go by way too fast, and it ended up being the case. However, it still ended up being the best week of my life. I can't thank everyone enough for how awesome this whole trip was. I'm going to write about everything that went on during the trip in a separate entry, just because it would be too much for one blog post to handle.

I expected the goodbyes to be hard, but they ended up being harder than I expected. I know that for next time though, it'll be much easier now that I've seen them all once already. I somewhat regret not buying a t-shirt or anything to remember my trip by, but we took so many pictures that it doesn't matter that I didn't get a souvenir like that.

I feel that my goodbye to adam was very poor and I hope that its understandable. Now I'm in Vancouver waiting to go home, with the only thing to look forward to is the release of Harry Potter in 2 weeks :(