Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Secret place

I remember the good ol' day's where the internet was a secret place for me, where I could rant about things and say things that wouldn't get out into the other world that I live in. It's times like these that I really wish my youtube and twitter hadn't got out to people at work. Now I have to keep everything work related bottled up :/. I sincerely hope this is the last place that anyone knows about. I can't even tweet a link to this anymore or else this will be stalked as well. Where has my secret place gone and I want it back T_T.

On a side note completely unrelated to my blog topic, the Percy Jackson series now had my complete attention and I will have it completed by the end of the week. Also CHRISTMAS IS ON FRIDAY ^___^.

I'm going to review my 2009 very shortly as well

(Secret place, please return to me )': )

Saturday, December 5, 2009

In a perfect world...

so anyway there is this thing and this thing happens and it is WELL good. so anyway all the humans have to live in these floating huts because they just do and i can't be bothered to explain why. so anyway right all the youtubers are like "hey let's live together" so they all go "k" and then they live together. but not whitney. whitney is on the ground because she was dry humping her imaginary boyfriend when the boat left. so she sees a ladder that leads into adam's and chago's and justin's and rosy's house so she goes "oh i will climb this pole that leads into adam's and chago's and justin's and rosy's house and they will save me". but when she is climbing justin sees her and goes "oh no" and hits her down with a broom. everyone cheers for justin and we crown him as the king of the land. loljk, justin obeys queen elizabeth. the end

Monday, November 9, 2009

Avoiding homework

I am very good at avoiding homework. As are most college students. We don't want to start on something we dread doing, but we know we have to do it anyway. I don't want to start on this research proposal. I know once I start I'll be able to get it done super fast. It's just a matter of getting it started. Starting it is always the hardest part :(

Besides that I don't know if I can say some things here that I'd like to because of certain circumstances. It's times like these that I wish IRL people didn't know about my URL things. I can't hide here anymore =[

Alright, I better stop avoiding the inevitable.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Drawing to a close

The semester is drawing to a close. Just means that another year of school is almost over and I'm that much closer to turning 22. I don't know how I feel about that yet. I'll let you know when it gets closer. One thing that I am surprised about so far this term is that I have 99% in my behavior class right now. I know that will change but right now, that's 40% of my total final mark. I'm shocked that I'm doing so well in that class while I have 62 in cognition -_-

My service provider is getting the iphone on November 5th. I am really considering getting one even though I already have an iPod touch and still have until march 18th before my contract runs out. I think that I'll switch over to the iphone if it doesn't cost too much per month and if I can still pay the 300 to get the 32gb version.

On a final note, I still don't have a present for Connor and his birthday is on Sunday. He only says he wants a drum set but that is really unrealistic. Poop :(

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Midterm's are over..almost ^_^

Oh the feeling of being relieved after midterm's are over. I have one more midterm for this term and that is next Tuesday. I really have to do good on that midterm to make up for the 56% that I got on the last midterm in that class. I don't know how that happened or what but I gotta make sure I step it up for this next upcoming one. I know I've probably commented about this earlier but this year has gone by way too fast for my liking. I just feel as if time has been going at a rapid pace lately and there's nothing stopping this train.

This could be a good thing though. I mean, what's better than school going by super fast? That's actually one of the better things going on right now. Oh just the thought of Christmas break is really encouraging. Only 4 weeks until Christmas break, which has me really pumped.

I have yet to figure out what to get my brother for his birthday that is coming up in a week today. He'll be 17 and I'm really not sure what to get him. For the past 3 year's he's wanted a drum set and that is definitely not something I'd be willing to buy him all on my own. I don't even think Karsen would help me on this one.

I'm also glad I finished that video today. Finally get's that off my chest.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The problem

You work away from people for so long that you don't know how to interact with them when you get back to being around them. I've been facing that problem with someone I'm trying to train at work right now. I don't think this person seems to realize that she's being rude to everyone she interacts with. If there's one place I can vent about that, it is here. I don't think she reads my blog, unless I advertise that I posted a new blog on twitter. I can't say anything about it on twitter, or else she'll see it. That's the problem now with IRL friends following me on twitter. Then they pry about stuff that I tweet, and its not something I envisioned happening when I made my twitter in May 2 years ago. She gave me of all people attitude when I was trying to train her. I am not the person you should be giving attitude to. I am doing things exactly the same way they have been done for all the previous people that I have trained. Both of them turned out perfect. One is even a manager now, which goes to show that the way we do things isn't all that bad.

I'm also not looking forward to the next 3 weeks. :(

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bears beets battlestar

I love actually understanding a lot of the quotes running around from the office. It gives me the satisfaction of understaning them. I still think that I'm going to refrain from using twss jokes unless it's something really funny. Ermm now that I've said that, I'm going to have to try to abide by my word on this one. On that note, I just finished season 3. I would have liked to have finished it sooner but I had two papers to write over the past 4 days. I ended up wasting a lot of time just trying to think of things to write about. I really enjoyed this season. It really made me lol often and frequently. It kinda makes me wonder if jan will be back in the show since she was fired.

The oilers season started on Saturday and I was really surprised that I was not angry at all after they lost in the last minute of the game. Usually I'd be very angry, but I wasn't for a change. Maybe I am falling away from being Canadian. Watching hockey is the only thing left that allows me to call myself a canadian.

I think I should start paying attention now....who am I kidding who wants to pay attention in a class as boring as this one.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Finally, after waiting for more than a year, I can write blog posts from my iPod. I am so bored in my research methods class that I've been on the Internet the enire class so far. I still have about 2 hours to go in the day before I can go home. I want to go home already. I have a horrible feelin about the test I just wrote in cognition. It felt like a lot of the multiple choice was difficult and there were only 26 questions. Not looking good.

Muse has now announced their australian tour dates. This leads me to believe north America is next and I'm just hoping they come to Edmonton again. They were here in 2004 playing at a super small venue. I really hope they do come back. I would be the happiest person ever if this happens. The local radio station that plays muse said they're rumored to be coming here. I am totally hoping that's true.

Recently, zach had a conversation with mickie about my Canadian status. I will paste the conversation here when I get home. If I remember. I will probably forget because illl want to watch more of the office. I'm on season 3 episode 5 now. All I have to say is that I love the office and I'm mad at myself that ive taken 5 years to start watching it.

This class is so boring I want to die :(

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Great Investments

I figured with season 6 of the Office starting this past week, why not do what I've been wanting to do for a long time now...buy all the seasons of the office and catch up on it. I watched the season premier on Saturday and loved it. Up until now, I have watched the first 4 episodes of season 1. Diversity day was definitely the best out of the bunch so far. I'm going to enjoy watching the office instead of working on school work. I mean, who really does school work? Its college, you procrastinate until the last minute and still manage to get great marks (I will not procrastinate on many of the upcoming assignments that I have, I'll just work on them progressively each day about a week in advance and get them done that way :) ). This term is nothing like last term at all. I have 5 midterms the entire semester, 2 of which are in one class and the other 3 are spread appart evenly in the term. The only issue I have is that I have one midterm on the 15th of October then 2 on consecutive days on the 22nd and 23rd. I'll rip through those like I ripped through the ones I had last year at this time.

Dragonball is finally being released on DVD and I couldn't be happier. Besides that I don't think I'll be spending much on anything in the upcoming weeks. I have to pay all the bills for my road trip to oregon still. My mastercard statement hasn't come yet, but I'll be expecting it in the coming days here.

I wish I didn't worry a little bit about what happened earlier this month. I just have a gut feeling that I did something wrong. :(

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Road trip

As some of you know, I went on a road trip to Oregon two weeks ago and just returned this past Monday. It was alright. I wish we would have hung out more often with a couple of our friends but overall, I think it was pretty fun, besides some problems. No trip is without its problems though. I think I'm going to discuss what happened with a certain individual in the dear future, if I can work up the courage to do so. I just think he'll laugh it off and not think I'm being serious. I just wish not everything was a joke to him.

I started up school again this past Tuesday. It feels weird after being off for close to 20 weeks. I'm sure I'll get back into the rhythm soon enough. I feel as if this semester will go by as fast as every past semester has. I don't have many tests this term, which can be a good thing and a bad thing. Good meaning I don't have to study as often, but bad in the sense that I have to write a couple papers but I'll survive. I think I'm better off writing papers than wasting my time reading the textbook to study for these damn tests.

Big brother is over on Tuesday and after that, it'll be another 15 days before anything on TV is worth watching again (not that anyone else thinks hockey is worth watching ^_^).

I got guitar hero 5 while I was in Oregon, and I regret not getting the guitar with it. I've wanted a new guitar for 2 years now and have regretted not getting one with each new guitar hero that has been made. I'm going to take my time playing this one through. 85 songs are a lot to play through within the first week. I think I've managed to get through 15 or so, so far. That's pretty good.

I wish more people would blog on blogspot again so I'd have something to read when I get to school. No one blogs here anymore and it kinda sucks =[.

One thing I would like to say about road trips is that it kinda sucks being the only person who drove the entire trip. I mean, I probably would have been very bored had I not been driving, but driving for 21 and 18 hours straight kinda sucked, big time. I would recommend taking a road trip for anyone who has ever wanted to take one, just bring someone along who can drive too so you don't have to do all the driving yourself. 1157 miles is a long way to drive O_O. I'm actually shocked I didn't have to pull off to the side of the road on my way home to try and rest my eyes a bit. There was only a strech for about an hour where I was actually a bit tired but it ended up going away by the time I got to the next gas station.

Friday, September 4, 2009


I did not expect things to happen like this. I know I'm not the only one who fells this way too. I've been pissed off most of the last few days. I don't know what to do.

Monday, August 24, 2009

How things work

Its real funny how some things work out. Last year, we were all against watching big brother. Cade and Daniel were the only two who watched it and they all encouraged the rest of us to watch it.

This year comes round and cade gets zach and sam to watch it. Turns out they like it. Cade and zach then turn to me and get me to watch it. Turns out I liked it. Zach did the same thing to Alexis too. Its real scary how fast things catch on if all your friends tell you its good.

3rd annual staff picnic today sucked, although the free food was almost worth it. I got chased around the grounds by people with super soakers and we played an egg toss in which I got pwned T_T. Egg all over me. I'll never live it down. Sigh.

I don't find myself dreading this school year as much as I have dreaded others. I can't figure out why. I haven't even begun to think about it yet and school starts in two weeks today. I'm just glad it'll go by just as fast as last year did.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lack of thoughts

On this same Wednesday, one year ago, I started my blog. I have turned it into a once a week kind of thing but since the summer hit, I've been slacking off in that department. I just don't have much to say anymore. Its like I've hit a road block and I can't find a way to bust through. I remember I was having troubles picking classes last year because I waited so long to try and pick them out. This time that didn't happen and I don't even have to think about anything school related until the day I have to pick up my books. I hope this school year goes by as fast as this last one did. I want to make the best of things until I try to one up this summer. I doubt I'll be able to compare the two next year, due to things being different the second time around for anything. I'm just glad that everything that I had wanted to happen this summer that I wrote about last summer came true. I would like to write something here that I can look back on next August and say "Oh look, I wanted that to happen too and it did" but I don't see there being anything else to look forward to but making next summer better than this summer. I mean there's always work crap that I can talk about but who the hell cares about that, I don't even want to talk about it, its that stupid. I'd rather just not talk about it at all and just go about my business as if it doesn't matter to me.

I actually want to look back on this post a year from today and see if I have made more friends, seen more of my friends and visited more places. I'd also like to think I made more video's than I did over this past year. It wont be a hard feat since I can barely make one a month, due to sheer laziness.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

One Year

This blog has almost been around for a year. I've settled down to mostly posting one blog once a week, usually on my day off on Sunday's. I looked back at my old August 2008 entries and I noticed a couple things.

I said I didn't want to work that much this summer, and it was true to an extent. I didn't work more than 5 shifts a week, and I've been getting home at least an hour early for the past 4 weeks. It makes up for having to work as much as I expected. I also wrote about wanting to go places and meet people. That did happen and will happen more often in the near future. With regards to that, I said I was going to try my darnedest to go to the north west youtube gathering and that actually happened. I am really glad with how this summer went. I went into it expecting the best summer that I've had in years and I came out with having one of the best summer's ever.

Here's hoping next summer can trump this one, and I believe it will. I'm not going to try and predict anything for next summer because really, what else can I try and predict?

On one other note, I completely did not expect so much appreciation from Voldey appreciation month. Thank you all so much. I can't even begin to express how much I appreciate this.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


[2:39:15 AM] Whitney: dafuck
[2:39:15 AM] Chago: penis
[2:39:15 AM] Chago: ?
[2:39:19 AM] Whitney: NOOOOOOOO
[2:39:20 AM] Whitney: D:<
[2:39:23 AM] Whitney: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU
[2:39:23 AM] Zak: balls
[2:39:24 AM] Chago: HAHAHAAHAHA
[2:39:25 AM] Zak: ?
[2:39:29 AM] Justin: whitney
[2:39:30 AM] Justin: just remember
[2:39:33 AM] Whitney: ?
[2:39:37 AM] Chago: [4:38:15 AM] Chago: penis
[4:38:15 AM] Chago: ?
[4:38:19 AM] Whitney: NOOOOOOOO
[2:39:43 AM] Whitney: -_-
[2:39:49 AM] Zak: Whitney
[2:39:54 AM] Whitney: wuht?!
[2:39:58 AM] Justin: you missed out on zach's pepperoni nipples
[2:40:02 AM] Whitney: X___________________X
[2:40:04 AM] Whitney: OMG
[2:40:04 AM] Whitney: NO
[2:40:04 AM] Whitney: JESUS
[2:40:08 AM] Zak: if you go to sleep then you will dream about the three of us rubbing ourselves vigorously
[2:40:11 AM] Whitney: I DIDNT MISS ANYTHING
[2:40:12 AM] Zak: it's a sexy dream ^_^
[2:40:18 AM] Whitney: ...................
[2:40:23 AM] Whitney: X____________________________________-X
[2:40:26 AM] Whitney: *CLEARMIND*
[2:40:30 AM] Zak: nope
[2:40:31 AM] Whitney: GTFO
[2:40:31 AM] Whitney: GTFO
[2:40:32 AM] Zak: it's already in there
[2:40:33 AM] Whitney: GTFO
[2:40:34 AM] Justin: You'll remember that zach adam and I shared a bed
[2:40:40 AM] Whitney: ;_;
[2:40:42 AM] Whitney: not adam
[2:40:43 AM] Whitney: <3
[2:40:44 AM] Justin: Yes adam
[2:40:47 AM] Justin: he was in the bed too
[2:40:48 AM] Whitney: nonono
[2:40:49 AM] Justin: and we cuddled
[2:40:51 AM] Whitney: ;_;
[2:40:52 AM] Whitney: [2:40:53 AM] Whitney: ADAMMMMMMMMMMM
[2:40:53 AM] Zak: we all cuddled
[2:40:56 AM] Whitney: aehurlgjfdsnbv
[2:40:58 AM] Whitney: GTFOOOOOOOO
[2:40:59 AM] Zak: Adam and I held each other
[2:41:01 AM] Zak: through the night
[2:41:05 AM] Whitney: ._.
[2:41:08 AM] Chago: Voldey Chago: I love Asian's10:34 PM May 26th from web
[2:41:09 AM] Justin: zach saw adam without his shirt on
[2:41:18 AM] Whitney: chago hates aznz.
[2:41:23 AM] Chago: I LOVE ASIANS
[2:41:23 AM] Whitney: azns*
[2:41:25 AM] Whitney: LIES
[2:41:25 AM] Whitney: DUN LIE
[2:41:30 AM] Chago: how dare you.
[2:41:32 AM] Whitney: ^_^
[2:41:35 AM] Whitney: tehe
[2:41:44 AM] Zak: asians suck
[2:41:46 AM] Whitney: weeeeeeeeeeeee
[2:41:47 AM] Whitney: LMAO
[2:41:47 AM] Whitney: HAHAHA
[2:41:50 AM] Justin: i fucking hate asians
[2:41:53 AM] Zak: they suck almost as much as black people
[2:41:53 AM] Whitney: azn[2:41:57 AM] Whitney: LMAO
[2:41:58 AM] Whitney: wait
[2:41:59 AM] Whitney: T_T
[2:42:00 AM] Whitney: RACIST
[2:42:00 AM] Whitney: YOU RACIST
[2:42:03 AM] Whitney: ZAK D:<
[2:42:10 AM] Chago: i'm a blasianspanic jew.
[2:42:11 AM] Justin: niggers need to get back in the cotton fields
[2:42:14 AM] Whitney: I WILL BITE YOU
[2:42:14 AM] Whitney: D:<
[2:42:26 AM] Whitney: -_-
[2:42:27 AM] Whitney: justin
[2:42:32 AM] Whitney: i will rip your legs off
[2:42:45 AM] Justin: whitney
[2:42:51 AM] Whitney: D8<
[2:42:51 AM] Justin: just keep it in the back of your mind
[2:42:56 AM] Justin: that i went swimming with zach and adam
[2:43:01 AM] Whitney: o-O
[2:43:05 AM] Chago: i pick cotton and mow lawns all while managing to not do anything at all.
[2:43:05 AM] Whitney: thats normal?
[2:43:07 AM] Whitney: O_O
[2:43:08 AM] Whitney: CHAGO
[2:43:08 AM] Whitney: D:<
[2:43:13 AM] Whitney: I WILL RIP YOUR PENIS OFF
[2:43:14 AM] Whitney: D:<
[2:43:22 AM] Zak: that needs to be quoted
[2:43:26 AM] Justin: Sure does
[2:43:35 AM] Chago: your threats scare me not.
[2:43:42 AM] Whitney: -_-
[2:43:46 AM] Whitney: o just watch.
[2:43:50 AM] Chago: i like justins tweet :D
[2:43:50 AM] Zak: so you're going to grab Chago's penis then?
[2:43:57 AM] Whitney: ._.
[2:43:58 AM] Whitney: WHOA
[2:43:59 AM] Whitney: ZAK
[2:44:02 AM] Chago: whitney, don't do that.
[2:44:02 AM] Whitney: DAFUCKMAN
[2:44:11 AM] Justin: You would have to grab his penis to rip it off
[2:44:29 AM] Zak: so you're saying that you want to put your hands on Chago's penis
[2:44:33 AM] Zak: and give it a great tug
[2:44:36 AM] Whitney: ...
[2:44:37 AM] Chago: LMFAO
[2:44:39 AM] Whitney: WHAT THE FUCK
[2:44:42 AM] Zak: sorry if this is making you uncomfortable Chago
[2:44:46 AM] Chago: OH MY GOD
[2:44:53 AM] Chago: lkjaglkajg
[2:44:54 AM] Whitney: ._______________________.
[2:44:54 AM] Justin: omg
[2:45:00 AM] Whitney: my mind
[2:45:02 AM] Whitney: is like this
[2:45:03 AM] Whitney: X_X
[2:45:08 AM] Zak: well, you said it
[2:45:12 AM] Whitney: WHY ZACHARY D:<
[2:45:16 AM] Zak: you penis tugger
[2:45:20 AM] Whitney: APERHEGHGJKBM
[2:45:21 AM] Whitney: DAFUCK
[2:45:22 AM] Whitney: D:<
[2:45:29 AM] Whitney: RIPPER
[2:45:32 AM] Whitney: NOT TUGGER
[2:45:32 AM] Whitney: D:<
[2:45:33 AM] Chago: rockinbluetug
[2:45:36 AM] Whitney: NO
[2:45:37 AM] Whitney: NO
[2:45:40 AM] Whitney: DONT EVEN GO THERE
[2:45:41 AM] Zak: LOLOLOLOLOL
[2:45:45 AM] Justin: OJG
[2:45:46 AM] Justin: asdjfasjdflkjds
[2:46:18 AM] Whitney: X________________X
[2:46:22 AM] Whitney: my minddddddddddddddddddd
[2:46:25 AM] Whitney: GET IT OUT
[2:46:26 AM] Whitney: [2:46:32 AM] Whitney: twss
[2:46:34 AM] Whitney: SHIT
[2:46:36 AM] Whitney: G9U=GJPKNDFL
[2:46:43 AM] Chago: whoa whitney
[2:46:43 AM] Zak: Whitney, you're a perv
[2:46:45 AM] Whitney: T_T
[2:46:50 AM] Whitney: YOU
[2:46:52 AM] Whitney: WITH ALL YOUR
[2:46:53 AM] Justin: ahahahahahahhahaah
[2:46:53 AM] Whitney: GLGBEF
[2:46:54 AM] Chago: you're thinking of THAT now?
[2:46:54 AM] Whitney: BLEH
[2:46:55 AM] Whitney: NESS
[2:46:56 AM] Chago: calm your hormones.
[2:46:58 AM] Whitney: NO
[2:47:00 AM] Whitney: D:<
[2:47:01 AM] Whitney: FUCK YOU
[2:47:01 AM] Chago: NO?
[2:47:04 AM] Whitney: NO
[2:47:05 AM] Whitney: I MEAN
[2:47:06 AM] Whitney: EAHPUSGRJBF'G
[2:47:07 AM] Whitney: D:<<<<<<<<<<<,,
[2:47:13 AM] Chago: so you want your hormones out of whack.
[2:47:22 AM] Whitney: ;_;
[2:47:24 AM] Whitney: stop[2:47:30 AM] Justin: this has been tumbled
[2:47:33 AM] Chago: HAHA
[2:47:42 AM] Zak: Whitney, you have so much sexual frustration!
[2:47:47 AM] Whitney: ...
[2:47:48 AM] Chago: she's in heat.
[2:47:50 AM] Whitney: LEAVE ME ALONE[2:47:59 AM] Justin: I'll have to keep adding pieces
[2:48:01 AM] Justin: this is just so good
[2:48:14 AM] Whitney: YOU HAVE A TUMBLR?!
[2:48:20 AM] Whitney: GIMME!
[2:48:21 AM] Whitney: D:<
[2:48:23 AM] Justin: yallcool.tumblr.com
[2:48:24 AM] Zak: I'm putting this on tumblr too
[2:48:39 AM] Whitney: X_X
[2:48:39 AM] Whitney: god
[2:48:41 AM] Whitney: i hate you both
[2:48:44 AM] Chago: tug tug
[2:48:56 AM] Justin: gotta give it a little tug
[2:48:59 AM] Chago: sup tug
[2:49:06 AM] Whitney: OMG
[2:49:08 AM] Whitney: CHAGO
[2:49:09 AM] Whitney: STFU
[2:49:09 AM] Whitney: D:<
[2:49:11 AM] Whitney: I DO NOT
[2:49:13 AM] Whitney: TUG PENISES
[2:49:19 AM] Chago: i
[2:49:20 AM] Chago: am
[2:49:21 AM] Chago: dying
[2:49:22 AM] Chago: right
[2:49:22 AM] Chago: now
[2:49:37 AM] Justin: But you have to grab a hold of the shatf of the penis in order to rip it off
[2:49:45 AM] Whitney: FUCK
[2:49:49 AM] Whitney: I'LL JUST USE SCIRRORS D:<
[2:50:01 AM] Zak: that's snipping, not ripping
[2:50:05 AM] Zak: there is a distinct difference
[2:50:07 AM] Whitney: EXACTLY
[2:50:21 AM] Justin: you distinctly said rip
[2:50:25 AM] Justin: i can quote that too
[2:50:29 AM] Whitney: -_-, i'll cut his penis off.
[2:50:34 AM] Justin: [2:43:13 AM] Whitney: I WILL RIP YOUR PENIS OFF
[2:50:36 AM] Whitney: -_-
[2:50:42 AM] Whitney: WHY CANT I CHANGE MY MIND?!
[2:51:08 AM] Chago: tumbled.
[2:51:25 AM] Whitney: LEUKE IS FOLLOWING ME ON TUMBLR<33333333333333
[2:52:02 AM] Whitney: ^_^
[2:52:04 AM] Whitney: i is happy now
[2:52:20 AM] Zak: don't tug his penis too in all your excitement
[2:52:23 AM] Whitney: -_-
[2:52:26 AM] Chago: thenamestug
[2:52:31 AM] Whitney: i dont need to rip his penis
[2:52:34 AM] Whitney: he's nice ^_^
[2:52:34 AM] Zak: tuggified
[2:52:37 AM] Chago: HAHAHA
[2:52:41 AM] Whitney: -_-
[2:52:47 AM] Whitney: zachary.
[2:52:53 AM] Whitney: i'm gonna kick you
[2:52:56 AM] Chago: tuggie
[2:53:05 AM] Chago: don't you mean you're gonna tug him?
[2:53:11 AM] Justin: this really gives new meaning to the word weenie
[2:53:12 AM] Zak: I have a feeling that the most epic inside joke ever has been created in this chat
[2:53:16 AM] Zak: LOL
[2:53:17 AM] Chago: LMAO
[2:53:33 AM] Chago: whitney i'm seriously going to call you tug now.
[2:53:34 AM] Whitney: ....
[2:53:38 AM] Whitney: no
[2:53:44 AM] Whitney: I DONT TUG
[2:53:44 AM] Whitney: D:<
[2:53:49 AM] Zak: YOU DO TUG
[2:53:57 AM] Justin: Am I the only one who is laughing uncontrolably right nwo?
[2:54:04 AM] Whitney: TUGGIN DOES NOTHING
[2:54:10 AM] Zak: I can't stop laughing either xD
[2:54:15 AM] Justin: Tuaggin does something alright
[2:54:16 AM] Zak: but a mighty tug is the key to ripping!
[2:54:19 AM] Whitney: I HATE YOU ALL XD
[2:54:26 AM] Whitney: OMG
[2:54:27 AM] Chago: TUG = PROCESS OF RIPPING
[2:54:28 AM] Whitney: DAFUCK CHAGO
[2:54:30 AM] Whitney: YOU TOLD AMANDA
[2:54:31 AM] Whitney: ?!
[2:54:32 AM] Whitney: FUCK OYU
[2:54:33 AM] Chago: HAHAHAHAHA
[2:54:34 AM] Whitney: D:<<<<<<<<<<<<<<,,
[2:54:39 AM] Whitney: -_-
[2:54:39 AM] Whitney: god
[2:54:43 AM] Whitney: this is why
[2:54:48 AM] Whitney: i should have slept an hour ago
[2:54:51 AM] Justin: no
[2:54:57 AM] Justin: you should not have slept an hour ago
[2:55:01 AM] Whitney: im cranky and i dont even knoe what im sayin
[2:55:05 AM] Justin: tugney would not have been created
[2:55:05 AM] Zak: you can never go to sleep, Tugney
[2:55:09 AM] Chago: LMFAO
[2:55:09 AM] Chago: OH MY
[2:55:10 AM] Chago: GOD
[2:55:10 AM] Justin: HAHAHAHAHAHAH
[2:55:12 AM] Whitney: -____________________________________________________________-
[2:55:12 AM] Zak: HOLY SHIT
[2:55:15 AM] Chago: ;GkjL;GJaglkjg;klsjg;lkfj'KLDSKLG'jsgl;kajd;kasjg;laskjg
[2:55:19 AM] Chago: I'M DYING
[2:55:40 AM] Zak: xD XD xD
[2:55:44 AM] Chago: STILL DYING
[2:55:49 AM] Whitney: -_-
[2:55:51 AM] Whitney: i hate you all
[2:55:52 AM] Whitney: [2:55:55 AM] Whitney: bed nao.
[2:55:59 AM] Justin: I think i might have woke up my parents with that one
[2:56:13 AM] Justin: no sleeping
[2:56:14 AM] Chago: less dying now
[2:56:23 AM] Whitney: V_V
[2:56:25 AM] Whitney: *sigh*
[2:56:56 AM] Chago: [4:55:25 AM] Whitney: *tug*
[2:56:57 AM] Zak: wait
[2:57:02 AM] Zak: LOVELYTUG!
[2:57:05 AM] Chago: LFMAO
[2:57:06 AM] Chago: ASKJDLGA
[2:57:06 AM] Chago: LGKJAL
[2:57:07 AM] Chago: jkl
[2:57:07 AM] Chago: gja;lg
[2:57:07 AM] Justin: LMFAO
[2:57:11 AM] Chago: LMFAO ZACH
[2:57:13 AM] Chago: OH GOD
[2:57:46 AM] Whitney: BED
[2:57:51 AM] Whitney: WHO
[2:57:53 AM] Whitney: TWITTERED
[2:57:56 AM] Whitney: I WILL STAB YOU
[2:58:03 AM] Zak: XD XD XD XD XD
[2:58:04 AM] Whitney: -______________________________-
[2:58:07 AM] Whitney: zaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak.
[2:58:25 AM] Zak: today was a good day :D
[2:58:32 AM] Chago: today WILL be a good day
[2:58:33 AM] Whitney: STOP
[2:58:37 AM] Whitney: TWITTERING
[2:58:39 AM] Whitney: MY PHONE
[2:58:40 AM] Whitney: D:<
[2:58:51 AM] Justin: :D
[2:58:56 AM] Justin: LOL!
[2:58:58 AM] Justin: OMG
[2:59:35 AM] Whitney: -_-
[2:59:38 AM] Whitney: bednao
[2:59:47 AM] Justin: no bed
[2:59:53 AM] Whitney: fockju
[2:59:55 AM] Whitney: D:<
[3:00:05 AM] Chago: #tugney
[3:00:06 AM] Chago: eh? eh?
[3:00:09 AM] Whitney: omg
[3:00:11 AM] Whitney: X_____________________________X
[3:00:14 AM] Zak: YESYESYES
[3:00:16 AM] Whitney: YOU
[3:00:17 AM] Whitney: FUCK
[3:00:18 AM] Whitney: GUYS
[3:00:26 AM] Chago: wat
[3:02:09 AM] Justin: I think my tumble post is aptly titled
[3:02:13 AM] Justin: #tugney
[3:02:34 AM] Zak: that was probably one of the greatest conversations of my entire life
[3:02:52 AM] Justin: I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my entire life
[3:03:14 AM] Chago: i love everything right now.
[3:03:36 AM] Zak: and the best part is that we'll never forget it
[3:03:41 AM] Zak: and keep reminding her about it
[3:03:43 AM] Justin: no we wont
[3:03:47 AM] Chago: yay tumblr
[3:03:50 AM] Chago: archives
[3:03:59 AM] Chago: sup tug
[3:04:24 AM] Zak: that was so awesome when we both called her Tugney at the same time!
[3:05:01 AM] Justin: that was really awesome
[3:05:08 AM] Chago: oh i didn't even notice justin said it too
[3:05:15 AM] Zak: he typed it right after me
[3:05:36 AM] Chago: is tugtug gone?
[3:05:49 AM] Zak: I guess so
[3:05:54 AM] Justin: no way
[3:05:55 AM] Zak: probably busy tuggin' before bed
[3:05:55 AM] Justin: zach
[3:05:57 AM] Justin: look at this
[3:05:58 AM] Justin: [2:55:05 AM] Justin: tugney would not have been created
[2:55:05 AM] Zak: you can never go to sleep, Tugney
[3:06:07 AM] Zak: that's what I was talking about!
[3:06:10 AM] Chago: we should all skype her right now
[3:06:12 AM] Justin: i didn't actually think
[3:06:17 AM] Chago: so when she signs on she gets 3 nice "sup tug"s
[3:06:19 AM] Justin: we said it at the exact same time
[3:06:26 AM] Zak: good idea
[3:06:38 AM] Chago: doing it now.
[3:06:43 AM] Justin: ok
[3:06:48 AM] Zak: same second too, Justin
[3:06:52 AM] Chago: done
[3:07:02 AM] Justin: done

Sunday, July 19, 2009


All my expectations were met after watching Half-Blood Prince last Monday. Everything I imagined the cave scene to be was fulfilled as with Dumbledore's death and the sectumsempra scene. I could not have asked for a better film. Now to see how well they adapt Deathly Hallows.

I'm going to my 2nd ever wedding in two weeks, with the first being one I don't even remember. It'll probably be the weirdest wedding I'll ever be at. My friend and his wife met over the internet and they aren't planning anything traditionally. They're serving no alcohol and the after party is going to include a huge super smash bros brawl tournament. It'll be interesting to say the least.

I've gone almost a full two weeks without updating this blog. I think I'm drifting away from it, but I don't want to abandon it all together. I don't know what to post here anymore.

I went through my old blog's today and decided to re-read the Pokémon role play that I had with Cade, Adam, Daniel and Chago. I can't believe it was almost a year ago that we had that and I'm still shocked at how awesome that whole thing was. I wish to have another one sometime in the future.

Low and behold, I'm out of things to say again. I'm just glad I finally got more songs from Cade, those 350 were getting old, kinda.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Memories a floodin'

There is a different memory for everyday that I was in Oregon. I can't believe its been a week already since the gathering finished. I think I'm just going to talk about each one, one at a time.

The beach

On the 25th, I went to a real beach for the first time in my life. Along with that I saw the pacific ocean for the first time as well. It is still surreal how nice everything was.
It was on the way to the beach that we heard Michael Jackson had died. We were listening to billy jean on the radio and all of a sudden Cade gets a text from Sam that says Michael Jackson had died. We didn't believe it until Billy Jean had ended and the radio guy said he just died. I will always remember where I was when that happened.

The waves were bigger than I had ever imagined, and the water was really cold. I was disappointed that it was really windy that day. It would have made the experience that much better had the weather cooperated. I would have been nice to go swim in the ocean, but obviously it was too cold with the wind to do that. I'll save that for another time.

I got to fly and awesome kite with the help of Blake and I got to feel what quick sand is like.

I'll never forget that beach.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Saying goodbye sucks

I kinda had a feeling the 10 days would go by way too fast, and it ended up being the case. However, it still ended up being the best week of my life. I can't thank everyone enough for how awesome this whole trip was. I'm going to write about everything that went on during the trip in a separate entry, just because it would be too much for one blog post to handle.

I expected the goodbyes to be hard, but they ended up being harder than I expected. I know that for next time though, it'll be much easier now that I've seen them all once already. I somewhat regret not buying a t-shirt or anything to remember my trip by, but we took so many pictures that it doesn't matter that I didn't get a souvenir like that.

I feel that my goodbye to adam was very poor and I hope that its understandable. Now I'm in Vancouver waiting to go home, with the only thing to look forward to is the release of Harry Potter in 2 weeks :(

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sweet arrivals

Arrived in Corvallis. Saw 4 kids sitting on the bench. Said they're here.

Got outside, Cade and garnet jumped hugged eachother, spun eachother around and almost knocked me over. I hit some dude and bounced off. He seemed pissed. Hugged cade, grabbed my suitcase, hugged adam.

Had a great ride to dennies, ate food at dennies, feeling better. This is going to be a good week

Monday, June 15, 2009

I missed another Sunday =[

Another Sunday came and went and I forgot about this place. I will try not to forget anymore. I am probably lying about that.

I leave for portland in 4 days as of writing this sentence. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be worried or excited or both yet. Its still a little bit away but still close enough that its close. I also keep forgetting that I have a concert to go to on Thursday, which should be the best way to kick off my vacation. I am expecting nothing but awesome from Coldplay and I don't expect to be disappointed.

I made my rick roll video private and everyone at work now is angry that I did this. I laugh because its all they talk about and even after I took it down its all they talk about still. I doubt I'll unprivate it, because that's all everyone will talk about at work still. Maybe being gone for 2 weeks will help in people forgetting about it.

I'm going to be glad that I'm gone the weekend of the gathering. Its supposed to be unbelievably warm here, thank god for great timing. Although there is a part of me that feels bad for everyone at work that's stuck working transformers while I'm off having fun ^_^

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Times a flyin

I can't believe a Sunday passed without a blog post. I guess that's just how my weekend was.

It was my brothers graduation this past Thursday and I'm just getting to see all the pictures now. It makes me look back and think that I should have taken more pictures at my own grad. I took a whole 10 maybe, if that. Seeing him have all this fun makes me wish I could have done the same. But, we're different for a reason and at the time I didn't want to go to prom or take pictures at all. I didn't care for any of that nonsense and I still kinda don't.

I've been dead tired everyday i've came home from work so far this week. I'm not sure why it is, it could be my lack of sleeping at night, which needs to be corrected. All but two people in this house have been sick in the past week and i'm one of them that has not been sick. I would prefer not to be near sick when leaving in 11 days. God its so close. I think the more time passes, the more anxious I get. It should be a great time.

Sleeps a callin again.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Overrun by joy

My dad said yes to my Portland plans last night before I went to work, but then it just went down hill after that. I was at work until 2am last night, I then drove to the outskirts of town because my brother gave me the wrong address and then I got yelled at by my dad because I didn't know how late I was going to be at work. At least I'll be booking my flight in about 5 minutes.

Just finished booking my flight ^_______^. I am soooo happy WOOT WOOT

I also have been on youtube for a whole year now. I still can't believe its been one whole year already. I also told one of my good friends this weekend about the youtube thing, and she just kept laughing about my sweet dance moves video the whole time. The reactions I've been getting from my friends have been better than I expected.

The next 20 days will fly by really fast, and I'm really looking forward to this trip. I think I've mentioned this already, but the hangover looks hilarious and I cant wait to see it on friday. This looks to be one great summer.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The time has come

This week is judgment week. I am going to tell my dad about my Portland plans.

Everyone at work has found out about my youtube, even connor. He hasn't made fun of me because of it and im surprised. He actually talked to me about taping him in his sleep. It was really funny.

I told my friend at work about my youtube videos and as I said last weekend, everyone knows. They're telling me to do my "pelvic thrusts" and tell them how to make a movie film. It should die down in another week, but I'll have to live with the ragging for now.

I'm watching up in a matter of minutes now, and I couldn't be more excited, and thats if the key unlocks, which i hope.

Im thinking this is my shortest blog yet. Good job Justin.

I need to stop procrastinating on finishing this new video. I've had it sitting around for a week and i want to finish editing it asap. I started today and I'll finish when I get home from work tomorrow.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I feel like I'm waiting too long to buy my tickets. My parents are home for another 3 days before they leave to montana for another weekend. Then its pretty much already June and I need to get these things settled asap. I know they think its "unsafe" for me to meet friends of mine from the internet, but those days are far behind everyone, and its much safer to meet friends online now, especially ones you've actually seen, not really in person but on your computer screen.

I never watched dragonball gt and I'm wondering if I even should. I was temped to buy seasons 1 and 2 at best buy on thursday, and I have to go back there to buy dragonball z season 9 on tuesday. Speaking of which, im on episode 244 now. I can't believe i've almost already watched 291 epsidoes over one month. That is actually insane.

It doesn't help now that a friend of mine from work actually found out I make youtube videos, and now someone I did not want to know knwos about it. It doesn't help that secrets run through that building like nothing, so in no time Connor will know, and I don't want to imagine what thats going to be like.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Why I'm here

This week has been full of people blogging about why they're here. Why they're blogging/youtubing/tweeting, all that jazz. It sounds depressing at first but it really is not.

I stumbled upon this community one year ago. I didn't know what to think at first, but i did notice that everyone was really nice and that everyone pretty much knew eachother already. Over the last year, I've made friends with so many new people. I cannot believe how awesome they all are. And I just thought the internet was full of jerks and assholes.

Now, I'm not sure about everyone else, but I've made friends with these people to be their friends, not to try and gain youtube numbers through them. Youtube for me is just a fun side project, I never expect anything to come of it, and making the videos is just a fun extra. I never thought that one year later I'd be a month away from meeting people off the internet. I know some people are in it for numbers, I'm not.

I will now always keep in touch with these people, even if I live in a different country and may only see them once a year. Even if youtube blows up, I'll still keep in contact with all of these wonderful people.

Now can we please get back to the nicer blog posts about music, gaming, the upcoming northwest youtube gathering, or how awesome wolverine and star trek have been!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Well well well, wut up summa. Its nice to see you. Its been such a long time since you've been around that I've forgot what its like to see you. Right now the only things bothering me are not speaking to my mom about leaving for Oregon in 1.5 months and the stupid thick headed person I have to play my next street hockey game against. I'm not going to waste your time by explaining that here.
As of right now i've picked out the video's i want to show my mom before she goes to bed tonight, and im 117 episodes into Dragonball Z. All in all, the first week and a half of summer has gone by awesomely. I can't wait to see what the next two weeks hold instore.

Work is going well too. I now have permission to run movies almost at my will, as long as my GM knows about it. I will be watching star trek sometime before it opens thursday at 7pm. I've never seen an episode of star trek in my life, so I think I'll be one of very few people who see it going in with an open mind.

I procrastinate and I dont know how to stop :(

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Summer has begun

You sure do know its summer when you're staying up until 4am every night and waking up at noon every morning. I really need to stop that, I hate waking up so late into the day. My final final exam went well. I have not found out how I did on it yet, but most of my studying was delayed by my father who decided at the time I wanted to study that he wanted to talk to me again, for the 3rd consecutive year, about getting a new job. He doesn't realize how irritating it is when he comes to talk to me about something when I'm watching a TV show that's almost over, about to go out the door, or trying to study. Before that though, my hockey team collapsed on me along with me playing one of the worst set of games I've ever played. 20 goals in two games pretty much killed any statistical advantage I had on anyone else and I don't feel like we can go back to the team we were when we first started winning. I do hold some hope.

I managed to get a new season 6 of DBZ by conning the cashier into thinking I got the disk set as a gift for my birthday and because of school I could not watch it until now and the first disk was scratched. The only thing true about that was that the first disk was scratched. It also snowed again this week, adding onto the train wreck of what has been known as this past week. Here's hoping this next week is much better. And I didn't even talk about how I couldn't stop thinking about getting screwed over at work while watching DBZ on Tuesday. Oh well. I've calmed down and I'm going to start looking ahead.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Summer movie season

Now that my last final exam is coming up really slowly, I can look forward to the summer movie season, which is about 10 days away. I just have to look at Tuesday and pwn that test and begin my summer on a high note. I will start it off with 9 episodes of Dragonball Z. I will be re-watching the entire series over the course of the first 40 days of summer. With Season 9 coming out on May 19th.

My friend is moving away the first weekend in May and she is one of only few IRL friends I have made since I left high school. Actually, I have only made 4 new friends since I entered high school and thats just because of lazyness on my part. I don't go out often, and when I do, it is only to a movie, in which I just call up some of my closer friends and have them come to the movie at 1am at night.

My car finally kicked out last week and now I am driving the car that my dad had wanted me to drive all those 4 months ago. Its a better car and it actually has heat now. I wonder how that'll be for next winter.

I am going to need to come up with an attack plan on how to tell my dad that I'm going to Portland in June to meet people I've only talked to over the internet. I am going to need some help on this one, but I'll manage. I am still longing to yell "School's out" and that moment will come within the next 36 hours.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Studying resumes

The studying resumed this past weekend, with 3 tests to study for. I pretty much finished studying for once class today and begun another yesterday. It works out very well like that. I guess it appears as if its supposed to snow on Tuesday. I don't like that. But it'll melt really fast so it wont be a big deal.

The playoffs start on Wednesday and even though the Oilers are not in the playoffs for the 3rd straight year, I still have a team to cheer for. Lets just hope they don't get eliminated in the first round again like they did last year. Dang Capitals :(.

Almost one more week before school is completely done for another year. 8 days is enough for me to look forward to the end. With playing hockey again at around the same time every year, this makes exam time go by much faster. I mean, who wouldn't love to do something they love and study at the same time.

Working on Good Friday really helped me with the amount of money I wont be making over the next two weeks. I worked on the 9th, 10th, will be working on the 16th then not again until the 21st, and then I'll only be working for 3 hours. My full time working begins on the 24th, which I don't think should be too bad.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The last week

This is the last week of school. I officially have 3 school days left and that coincides with the 3 remaining games in the Oilers 2008-2009 NHL schedule. Usually the final week of hockey is also the final week of school. It is rather disappointing that both end at the same time. Especially because for most other teams, it doesn't end with the 82nd game of the season. It ends usually a week and a half later with the end of the first round of the NHL playoffs. It appears bleak but the Oilers still have a shot. The only way they can make it is if they win out, which doesn't look like its in the cards right now. But, I will continue to cheer until we are finally officially eliminated from playoff contention.

On another note, I finalized my fall school schedule. I'm taking all psychology classes and it looks to be very fun. Winter isn't finalized yet because I have to get approval for the classes that I picked. I'm going to try and talk to someone about it tomorrow so I can get my full schedule confirmed before I leave the building for the next 4 months.

I am not looking forward to having to present our business plan in front of the class tomorrow. Especially because I have to dress nicely for this occasion. It is going to be very awkward taking the bus in nice pants and a nice shirt.

I think I'ved talked about my hatred for all the publicity that twitter has been getting lately but I'm going to do it again. Twitter is running slower now that all these celebs are using it and soon the creators of twitter are going to be adding useless features to it and all us old users are going to hate it. I can always just tell people, I used twitter before it was ever popular.

I know I talk about hockey way too often in this thing but it's really the only thing I want to talk about. I'll find something else to speak about for next time. Two consecutive entries about hockey is not interesting.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Obviously not learning

As you can tell by the title, I am using this time to make sure I am not learning. I can't decide whether or not bringing my laptop to class is a bad idea. On the one hand class goes by faster, but on the other I am severely distracted by the internets. It is definitely a bad combination.

Yesterday, I played 4 games of hockey and played a terrible goaltender most of the time. I only kept my team in the game in the 1st game and every other game I played like crap. I don't know why I always play so bad. I know I can play well, I just need to "get my head in the game". I can't believe I just used a HSM quote. I don't feel 21 anymore.

Finals begin in a little less than 3 weeks and its becoming that time again. I am not looking forward to studying all the time but it wont be as bad as last term. I don't even think I will be studying for all that long if I do start two weeks before the final starts. Incremental studying > cramming.

We're now watching some stupid video on Canadian emeralds and I'm not impressed. Some girl just walked in 45 minutes late to class and shes already proven to be a big loser. She interrupted the class to get her midterm and then up and left. Great student mirite?

I insist on talking about more Oilers woes. Losing again put us 2 points out of a playoff spot. This is what the playoff picture looks like right now.

I really need to stop talking about hockey to no one that wants to read about it.

Western Conference Snapshot:
SEED TEAM PTS GP RECORD Games Left Home Games Road Games Last 10 Projected

7 84 76 38-30-8 6 2 4 5-1-4 91 96

8 83 76 36-30-9 6 1 5 7-2-1 90 95


9 82 76 38-31-6 6 2 4 7-3-0 88 94

10 81 76 36-30-9 6 5 1 4-4-2 87 93

11 80 76 36-32-8 6 3 3 4-4-2 86 92


Saturday, March 28, 2009

I am astonished

It really amazes me that I am allowed to get away with so much at work. Today I asked my manager if I could bring a TV into the theatre with the satellite in it so I could watch the Oilers game. He had no objections. I managed to watch all of the Oilers game and proceeded to make sure all the movies looked alright for the paying customers. Along with that I went to get food and the line up was too long so I was told I could come back once the line up was over. I was planning on doing it after the Oilers game was over but I forgot and only remembered once all the till`s were cashed up. So I managed to get my food for free today.

Also with that the Oilers won today to get back into 7th place, 1 point up on the rest of the teams chasing them for the last 2 playoff spots. I wanted to do a video about that but now I`m thinking I should just come up with something else. I will try to think of something soon, it has already been a month and I wanted to cut it down to one every 2 weeks. Oh well. One thing that is making me really estatic is that school is over in two weeks and I cannot wait.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The playoff push

With 10 games to go, the Oilers are 7th place in the western conference. This means they are in the playoffs as of now. They only have a 3 point lead on Anaheim and Minnesota, which are both tied for 9th 3 points back of the Oilers. These last 10 hockey games are going to go by very slowly along with the last 12 school days I have remaining. It'll be hard to focus on exams if the Oilers do make the playoffs. And if the Oilers do make the playoffs, my spending will increase 10fold because I'll be going to each and every home playoff game. Not to mention that i still have to pay for my cold play ticket that I got last week. I can't remember what it was like not to have school around. It'll be nice for the 9th to roll around, that way I'll only have to study while watching the Oilers kick butt in the playoffs. That is all. I need to make a new video asap.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Blogging for the sake of blogging

I hate that the weather is so dumb here. One day its melting like crazy, the next its snowing. I was really hoping most of the snow would be gone by now because a lot of it was melting like crazy in January. This is the slap we get back for having a good two weeks in January. Nearing the end of school and playoff time always make for a good mix.

I got 40 American dollars yesterday for face value. I love working at a theatre just for that purpose. Makes me wish I started saving up American money sooner than 3 months before my departure. Which makes me realize I need a plan of attack to attempt to tell my father of this plan. I will figure something out. My mom is all for it, I just need daddy`s approval. This wont be easy.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The mark of summer

I like to think of daylight savings time as the mark of the summer. It may screw up our sleeping patterns for a couple days but it helps us in the long run. It already adds another hour of daylight into our days. This extra hour adds on to the amount of daylight in the day meaning warmer temperatures YAY!

Which brings me to -30C in the middle of march WTF. The over night low over the next few days is going to be -30C. This only happens a few times out of the year but WTF why now?! I want it to start getting warmer not colder :(.

After my midterm tomorrow I have to finish my share of my group projects. Whether or not my other group members do their share is beyond me. I will be getting started on my share on both projects after my midterm is over tomorrow, as I just said -_-. I want to have all these things done before the end of March so I have nothing to worry about besides booking my tickets. Oh that'll be a great day.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Last free day

This was my last free day until exams begin. I will have to buck up over the next month while a couple good films come out as well. On that subject, I'm glad the Academy did something right tonight by having Heath win. With Watchmen coming out on March 6th and Monsters vs Alien's the last week of March, it looks to finally be a good month for films. I've been thinking of watching slumdog millionaire before it leaves the theatre, but I don't know when I'll have time to watch it. It just occured to me that I could watch it Thursday before work, or even Friday before work. I think I should do that. Although that would take time away from working on my numerous projects that are up to be done soon. My marketing analysis will be due in 2 weeks on Thursday and I want a lot of it to be done, or even most of it by the time Watchmen hits.

This also means that it's playoff season. It's exactly the perfect time for the Oilers to start sucking too. I want to see another playoff run in my lifetime and I have only ever seen one. It was perhaps the best start to a summer I've ever had. Well, it was the best summer I ever had. If I can get a video idea thought of and start on my marketing project by the time I get to sleep tonight, I will be pleased. I should also think about studying more over the next couple days. Just reading the textbook wont help me with my short answer questions that are going to be on the test.

Good luck to me. With 28 school days left, I'm already counting them down.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


It begins again. My week off from school is just about over and studying begins again today. I just want to be able to do this everyday. This being sit around and do almost nothing. Actually, now that I think of it, I don't like that I've done almost nothing for the past 4 days. The days keep going by faster and faster. I've been going to bed at 5 am as well, doing nothing but just sitting on my laptop doing useless things. School finish faster please?! I am also not excited about the influx of group projects that are coming up. Both are due at the end of the term but working on them right around now seems like a good thing to do. I also have to start working on a marketing paper that has to be under 1000 words. With bits of research in them. I hate doing research. It is due in 3 weeks today, meaning I'm going to start working on it on my typical homework day, Sunday. I will just have to suck it up and just go.

I wanted to make a new video over this week, because most of the week I would have nothing preoccupying me. Well I guess I will have to do it today, among a couple other things. Its just depressing that I know I won't have another day off for the rest of the term. Everyone has Good Friday off, while I don't even have school on Friday's. Monday doesn't count either because exam's start the next day. I'm really hoping my exam days are all in the same week. That way I do not have to start studying until the beginning of April.

I've noticed I used this blog to only talk about my hatred for school. I need to stop that. I need to also stop just posting once a week. I will try to post again before school starts up again on Monday. Not that my 4 day school weeks don't go by fast enough as it is.

The NHL playoffs also start right around the time of exams as well. If everything goes well, the Oilers will make the playoffs this year for the first time since going to the Stanley cup finals in 2006. That was one of the best summer's I've had in a long time. This summer is going to top that though.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Late at night

I always tend to write these blogs late at night, right as I am about to fall on my face from being tired. I have managed to spend $1075 at best buy over a 3 day period. I know I tweeted that a lot today but I really have nothing else on my mind right now. I have a midterm to write on Thursday and I am happy to have half my tests over with. Just getting the motivation to do the rest of the work for the semester is going to take a big of work. I have no motivation to finish anything, and even after reading week, there wont be much school left. My goal over reading week is to watch season 8 of dragonball z and put some more songs on my ipod, while attempting to live on my own for 3 days. I wonder how well that is going to work.

It seems that every time I have a break in schooling during the semester I always get dragged to work more days than I want to, cutting my break short. Case and point. During my upcoming 10 day period of no school, I work 7 of those days. It would have been 6 had I not chosen to work on the 16th, but I get extra pay for that and I need to get back all that money I just spent. I don't like to spend my money and since I've had a $500 car bill and now this, its going to add up. Although I should not be too worried until someone comes to buy my car. Then I'll be down a lot of money when my dad makes me pay all out for his old car all at once. I have a loving father( NOT).

Also now that I have my laptop back, I find that I'm staying up later than I want to. I think that has always been the case, even before I broke my laptop. I say I have all this free time, and all I end up doing is sitting around doing nothing all day. I want to do something at least. Bah it just bugs me that I waste my days away sitting around doing nothing and just having the next day pass on as if nothing happened. It does make June come all that quicker but it just means that I would be very close to starting school all over again. Its just a damn reoccurring cycle that never ends.

These get more depressing as I type on. I need to come up with new ways to create blogs. They end up being depressing and I hate it.
On a better note, I was able to take home a watchmen poster finally last Thursday. Whether or not I can keep it is another question. I have to let my boss know I took it on Thursday, when he gets back from his holidays. He probably wont mind, we have 7 watchmen posters now, it shouldn't be a big deal.

That's all I can think of now, I want to sleep early today, I was really tired during Cade's blogtv and wanted to nap, then Colbert came on and I decided to study after that. Here we are at 1:30 am again. At least I wont have to worry about anything for a week come Thursday. Come the 19th the school reality hits.

Monday, February 9, 2009

I love neglecting you

I neglect this blog quite often. It has become a regular occurrence that I write a blog once a week, I don't like that. I will write something proper tomorrow, if I remember. Tomorrow I have planned to put more music on my ipod(I know that's already going to fail) so I hope writing a proper blog wont.

I got a new laptop, more on that tomorrow.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Laptop :(

I want it back. I was supposed to get a call "during the latter half of the week" to let me know of the estimate and whether it would be a good idea for me to go through with the operation or not. I have yet to hear a thing and its going on two weeks that I've been without it. I cannot stand my parents desktop anymore and I no longer want to use IE. I now see what its like to go back after using firefox for so long. I miss being able to lie in my bed and have my laptop there. I want to be able to watch TV and be on my laptop again. I really hope this is not a prolonged process or I'm going to be a very unhappy person for quite sometime. It still has the one video I was working on before I just happened to have it on the side of my bed and just hop back onto my bed not thinking of what would happen if it were to fall *starts swearing profusely* . I WANT IT BACK T_T

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Terrible week

First my laptop breaks on Tuesday last week. Then on Saturday, while I'm at work, I start to get sick. One of the worst weeks ever. I am very rarely sick, and when I do get sick, I get REAL sick. My whole body ached on Sunday and I had a head ache. I had 2 3 hour naps and I'm only starting to feel better today.

I loaded Vegas onto my parents desktop because I do not know how long I will be without my laptop for. I miss it already :(. Oilers lost 10-2 yesturday and I played terrible when we played street hockey today. Being sick and being outside when its -2C is not a good idea. That is all I can remember for now.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oddly enough..

I brought up my summer plans to my mother today.

It went as well as I expected, maybe even better than I expected.

Work was really busy again, we keep on getting more and more coupons. I'm going to go insane if we start doing more than 2400 single admission coupons in one day. I want to make more YouTube video's now that I have acquired more time in my days. Working on idea's has been more work than I expected. I have yet to write out my planned voice over and I want to do that soon. I have an assignment for school I need to do today as well, the Oilers are playing tomorrow night and I have to finish this video by tomorrow. Among that, I have on the 28th already and I don't think I'm ready to start studying again.

Among that I got a voice mail from my friends today while at work(I just now realized that I must change my voice mail on my phone. It is still the joker laughing and saying "and I thought my jokes were bad". I've had that on my phone since the end of July.) saying that there is an event on facebook that I will be very impressed about. I actually agree. We are having a CHL winter classic on the 27th(our street hockey league). I'm glad they told me far in advance, I get home from school around 1:30 and it looks like I'm headin right over to the church. Probably after that I'll be watching the oilers game and ending the night with studying. I'm actually liking the fact that I don't have to sleep until 3am on Sunday's and Tuesday's, it really works out well if I have things to do.

Things are heading in a great direction for the end of the first month of the year. 3 more until possibly the best summer ever occurs.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lack of motivation

I think I'm among many of the returnee's to school that have no desire to start actually working. I find myself just sitting in my bed talking on Skype almost all the time now. I do not know what it is. I need to find my motivation to finish school off again. With June oh so far away, its going to make these next 3 months painful if I cannot find my working habit and actually get this started. School is still so awfully boring, even with 3 classes and 4 class days. The Zombie Chat is so addicting that I cannot stay away from it. I need to curb this problem before it starts to effect my grades. If I even want the slightest approval of my parents, I should at least have good grades to back up my plans. Even with a few things to look forward to between now and June (Re-Release of the Dark Knight, Dragonball Z season 8, the oscars, Watchmen, Wolverine, Dragonball Z season 9 among the few). I just hope everything will work out in the end. I know 6 months is a lot of time for things to crumble, I just want it all to work this time, thats all. School just needs to be over with and I will be forever grateful.

Adam has brought back my immense fear of rollercoasters and I will be foreverlly greatful to him. Thanks Adam <3.

With all the reading I did last semester at home, and now the lack there of I do now, I need to find time to do the assigned Accounting questions that have been given for the day. I find myself not even able to do one that was assigned last day. Maybe waiting until the midterm to do them all will be a bad idea. I really hope not.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Skype Contacts Blog

I had to. I have become bored and it must be done to keep my sanity in check.

*NOTE* These are randomized so it wont be easy for anyone to figure out who they are WOOT *NOTE*
1. Just recently added you. Don't know why or even if I will ever talk to you.
2. We have not talked very often, that is mostly my fault. You are a good guy and I wish to speak to you more often
3. Very cool person and I hope your luck improves. I really want to talk to you more often
4. If anything, I will remember how not to treat a person when remembering you. I want to become friends again because you are an awesome person to talk to. I don't know if you'll forgive me for taking things too far.
5. Don't ever talk to you. You seem to just be a guppy to someone
6. Only ever talked to you in group situations. Cool guy, met through a friend
7. You seemed like a cool guy in the summer. You seem too much like a player..
8. I lost every bit of respect for you after you did that. I cannot believe you'd do that. You do not deserve to have gained what you got from doing this little stunt.
9. Quite possibly one of the nicest people I have ever talked to in my life. You are always so happy and jubilant that it brightens up my day to speak with you. With all that you've experienced in the last month, I can't imagine how I'd stay as humble as you've been. Meeting you in June will be a very delightful experience.
10. Just started youtube. I hope all goes well. You can learn from the best.
11. Again, another person I've only started talking to recently. You are also too stressed about college and your profussive swearing makes me laugh. I hope we become better friends.
12. Absolutely wonderful friend. You are such a kind hearted person as well. It is too bad that you get the brunt of all the jokes most of the time. I think that gives this one away ._.
13. Good friend. Just started speaking to you more often. I will help you get through college and we srsly suck at singing on cue.
14. I'm surprised you still friends with you with all the lies you tell. I should put that behind me and try to be a better friend. I just don't know if the lying will ever stop.
15. I've talked to you 2 times? You seemed pretty cool until you were a prick to a friend of mine. Not cool at all.
16. First youtube friend. You have gone off the internet completely. We have lost touch and I hope things get back on track.
17. One of my first friends. At first I didn't think you liked me, now we talk more often than not. I really do hope for the best for you and I hope you can come to Oregon in June.
18. Only spoke to you on skype yesturday. Cool guy, I should speak to you more often.
19. One of the first people I ever talked to on skype/blogtv/youtube. Great taste in movies and music and cannot wait to meet you in June as well.
20. You may have your own stupid moments, but as do I. I am glad your moments have been broadcast over the internet though :P
21. We should talk more often. You are an amazing girl and I hope what that prick said to you doesn't make you think we all think that way.
22. You are a good friend. I have lost touch with you and I want to get back to the way things were in the summer.
23. I don't know where to start. I did not ever imagine getting the chance to speak with you. I thought that your sub count would deter you away from speaking with me. Little did I know you'd turn out to be one of my best friends. The target is gaining respect from me, this has to stop. June is too far away my friend.
24. Cool kid. Just started talking to you more over the last couple months. I hope everything works out and I can meet you in June too kanye west.
25. Your prior commitments have made you disappear online. You are still quite the young woman and your happiness always brightens my day. See you in June
26. You are amazing. You go for what you want and you never give up. I am going to be so happy to see you in June. I do hope you grow a backbone by then. Hehehehohohohahah
27. This one has to be a give away. I Just only started speaking to you and I have helped turn you into a zombie already. I hope you don't hate me for that.
28. You seem like a wonderful woman. I only ever spoke to you during the first skypeover.
29. Hilarious person. You've gone through a lot lately and I've only spoken to you while a particular person was making an ass of himself. I want that to change.
30. All I have to say is that you're a jonas brothers fan xD.

I may be easier than I hoped it to be for all of you to figure this out.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Skype contacts blogs...

That's how I feel.

If I do one with all 40 some odd contacts I'm sitting here for hours putting time into something no one will read.

If I do it for only the people I talk to most often, there are still a lot of people left out.

I don't know what to do.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Terrible sleeping patterns

I have a feeling that sleeping in until 3pm today will bite me in the butt. I decided that to close out the holidays, I'd stay up until 5 am and not wake up until just said time. I will probably not be able to sleep at a reasonable time, meaning my class at 12 is going to suffer. I am quite pleased that I was able to manage a 4 day school week this term, with being in class for only 2 hours Monday and Wednesday and for 3 hours Tuesday and Thursday, with an hour and a half spare between classes Tuesday and Thursday. That spare will be great for when I have textbook reading to finally do, making my time at home more directed towards being lazy and looking forward to summer.

Not once over this break has my laptop left my bed. I do not know whether that is a good thing or not. I will decide on that at a later date. I've also found that instead of cleaning my room like I had wanted, I am now writing this blog post. Aptly titled blog ftw.

These skype contact blog's are really confusing. Most of the ones I have picked out which ones are me either very easily or I could pick between 4 that could possibly be me. I'm not going to bother making one, it just seems like a fad now.

I'm half way done cleaning my room, I need to clean up my "bookshelf". I quoted bookshelf because only half a shelf is dedicated to books. The rest are video games and blu-ray disk's.

Vacation is now over, the next vacation that arrives should be the best one of my life.