Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Obviously not learning

As you can tell by the title, I am using this time to make sure I am not learning. I can't decide whether or not bringing my laptop to class is a bad idea. On the one hand class goes by faster, but on the other I am severely distracted by the internets. It is definitely a bad combination.

Yesterday, I played 4 games of hockey and played a terrible goaltender most of the time. I only kept my team in the game in the 1st game and every other game I played like crap. I don't know why I always play so bad. I know I can play well, I just need to "get my head in the game". I can't believe I just used a HSM quote. I don't feel 21 anymore.

Finals begin in a little less than 3 weeks and its becoming that time again. I am not looking forward to studying all the time but it wont be as bad as last term. I don't even think I will be studying for all that long if I do start two weeks before the final starts. Incremental studying > cramming.

We're now watching some stupid video on Canadian emeralds and I'm not impressed. Some girl just walked in 45 minutes late to class and shes already proven to be a big loser. She interrupted the class to get her midterm and then up and left. Great student mirite?

I insist on talking about more Oilers woes. Losing again put us 2 points out of a playoff spot. This is what the playoff picture looks like right now.

I really need to stop talking about hockey to no one that wants to read about it.

Western Conference Snapshot:
SEED TEAM PTS GP RECORD Games Left Home Games Road Games Last 10 Projected

7 84 76 38-30-8 6 2 4 5-1-4 91 96

8 83 76 36-30-9 6 1 5 7-2-1 90 95


9 82 76 38-31-6 6 2 4 7-3-0 88 94

10 81 76 36-30-9 6 5 1 4-4-2 87 93

11 80 76 36-32-8 6 3 3 4-4-2 86 92


Saturday, March 28, 2009

I am astonished

It really amazes me that I am allowed to get away with so much at work. Today I asked my manager if I could bring a TV into the theatre with the satellite in it so I could watch the Oilers game. He had no objections. I managed to watch all of the Oilers game and proceeded to make sure all the movies looked alright for the paying customers. Along with that I went to get food and the line up was too long so I was told I could come back once the line up was over. I was planning on doing it after the Oilers game was over but I forgot and only remembered once all the till`s were cashed up. So I managed to get my food for free today.

Also with that the Oilers won today to get back into 7th place, 1 point up on the rest of the teams chasing them for the last 2 playoff spots. I wanted to do a video about that but now I`m thinking I should just come up with something else. I will try to think of something soon, it has already been a month and I wanted to cut it down to one every 2 weeks. Oh well. One thing that is making me really estatic is that school is over in two weeks and I cannot wait.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The playoff push

With 10 games to go, the Oilers are 7th place in the western conference. This means they are in the playoffs as of now. They only have a 3 point lead on Anaheim and Minnesota, which are both tied for 9th 3 points back of the Oilers. These last 10 hockey games are going to go by very slowly along with the last 12 school days I have remaining. It'll be hard to focus on exams if the Oilers do make the playoffs. And if the Oilers do make the playoffs, my spending will increase 10fold because I'll be going to each and every home playoff game. Not to mention that i still have to pay for my cold play ticket that I got last week. I can't remember what it was like not to have school around. It'll be nice for the 9th to roll around, that way I'll only have to study while watching the Oilers kick butt in the playoffs. That is all. I need to make a new video asap.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Blogging for the sake of blogging

I hate that the weather is so dumb here. One day its melting like crazy, the next its snowing. I was really hoping most of the snow would be gone by now because a lot of it was melting like crazy in January. This is the slap we get back for having a good two weeks in January. Nearing the end of school and playoff time always make for a good mix.

I got 40 American dollars yesterday for face value. I love working at a theatre just for that purpose. Makes me wish I started saving up American money sooner than 3 months before my departure. Which makes me realize I need a plan of attack to attempt to tell my father of this plan. I will figure something out. My mom is all for it, I just need daddy`s approval. This wont be easy.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The mark of summer

I like to think of daylight savings time as the mark of the summer. It may screw up our sleeping patterns for a couple days but it helps us in the long run. It already adds another hour of daylight into our days. This extra hour adds on to the amount of daylight in the day meaning warmer temperatures YAY!

Which brings me to -30C in the middle of march WTF. The over night low over the next few days is going to be -30C. This only happens a few times out of the year but WTF why now?! I want it to start getting warmer not colder :(.

After my midterm tomorrow I have to finish my share of my group projects. Whether or not my other group members do their share is beyond me. I will be getting started on my share on both projects after my midterm is over tomorrow, as I just said -_-. I want to have all these things done before the end of March so I have nothing to worry about besides booking my tickets. Oh that'll be a great day.