Sunday, November 30, 2008

The end of November

It is now the end of November and there is no snow on the ground. 2nd time in my 20 years on this earth that his has happened in Edmonton. I am pleasantly surprised, but I do not think this will last until that one green Christmas I remember.

Now, I am only writing this due to my brain deciding it doesn't want to work when I need it to. My discussion boards close in an hour and 34 minutes and I need to post one more thing. I hope I do well on this, although that doesn't look like its in the cards right now. Everyone else has posted almost double what I have but I think mine have more substance than theirs do. All I can do is hope now. I should finish writing this right now so I can continue writing. BYE

I hope to blog more than 4 times in December. Considering Christmas, my birthday and many other things happen in December, I am bound to post more. Or so I hope.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Punching hole's in the wall

That is my current mood at the moment. I don't know why, but it seems as if I can only write blogs when I'm pissed off at my brother or trying to procrastinate. Sad, but true.

I tried to start watching Fight Club today. Oh but woes me when he walks in the door and demands to go get the stupid new expansion to world of ****ing warcraft. Ask me why I got that for him for his birthday? My dad just walked in the door. Could Connur not wait a whole god damn half an hour for some stupid expansion that he will be playing from now until 1am on a school night without coming up for supper? I guess not. I didn't even get through 15 mintues of fight club when stupid Connur runs in the room and grabs my keys. He didn't even thank me. What an ungrateful little bitch. Oh how much I'd love to punch his face in right now. On top of that I finished reading Paper towns today and thought the ending was crap. Why WHY!??!! OH HAI Q GUESS WUT IM STAYING *SMOOCH OO BABY* BYYEE *cries* UGH @$)(@#*)#($#@$)(@#*$%^&$^%*&$#_!@#@!#(!@

I hope I am able to watch Quantum of Solace tonight or I'm just going to go beserk. Oh and if the oilers don't win as well **** will go flying. Have I said I love writing blogs when very unhappy? Its quite amusing to me anyway.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

2 days from now :(

I just realized that Tuesday will be by far, the worst day of this semester. I have the worst class ever to start the morning. I then have to present in front of a group of about 30 people about the most famous hockey player in the world who I have been told I look like. Even random people who I have never met say that I kinda do look like him. I will not be saying that in my presentation though. Next comes another midterm. I should do well on it. Social Psychology is my favorite class so far. The prof is really funny and he is not one of those "shancy fancy" profs.

I finished guitar hero world tour last night as everyone in the skypeover would attest to. I finally put away my headphones after I failed the very last song about 10-15 times over again. In the end I guess Cade was right. Career was a waste of time. At least I can say I beat it on hard. I still cannot believe I failed Hot for Teacher by Van Halen at 95%. I am not very happy about that.

Something that I am also not happy about is liking firefox. I downloaded it just for the hell of it and find that I will be using it from now on. It is so much faster than IE and doesn't crass every 10 mintues open a new window. Now I must go start and finish my last assignment for management class. I hope I do not kill myself :).