Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Late at night

I always tend to write these blogs late at night, right as I am about to fall on my face from being tired. I have managed to spend $1075 at best buy over a 3 day period. I know I tweeted that a lot today but I really have nothing else on my mind right now. I have a midterm to write on Thursday and I am happy to have half my tests over with. Just getting the motivation to do the rest of the work for the semester is going to take a big of work. I have no motivation to finish anything, and even after reading week, there wont be much school left. My goal over reading week is to watch season 8 of dragonball z and put some more songs on my ipod, while attempting to live on my own for 3 days. I wonder how well that is going to work.

It seems that every time I have a break in schooling during the semester I always get dragged to work more days than I want to, cutting my break short. Case and point. During my upcoming 10 day period of no school, I work 7 of those days. It would have been 6 had I not chosen to work on the 16th, but I get extra pay for that and I need to get back all that money I just spent. I don't like to spend my money and since I've had a $500 car bill and now this, its going to add up. Although I should not be too worried until someone comes to buy my car. Then I'll be down a lot of money when my dad makes me pay all out for his old car all at once. I have a loving father( NOT).

Also now that I have my laptop back, I find that I'm staying up later than I want to. I think that has always been the case, even before I broke my laptop. I say I have all this free time, and all I end up doing is sitting around doing nothing all day. I want to do something at least. Bah it just bugs me that I waste my days away sitting around doing nothing and just having the next day pass on as if nothing happened. It does make June come all that quicker but it just means that I would be very close to starting school all over again. Its just a damn reoccurring cycle that never ends.

These get more depressing as I type on. I need to come up with new ways to create blogs. They end up being depressing and I hate it.
On a better note, I was able to take home a watchmen poster finally last Thursday. Whether or not I can keep it is another question. I have to let my boss know I took it on Thursday, when he gets back from his holidays. He probably wont mind, we have 7 watchmen posters now, it shouldn't be a big deal.

That's all I can think of now, I want to sleep early today, I was really tired during Cade's blogtv and wanted to nap, then Colbert came on and I decided to study after that. Here we are at 1:30 am again. At least I wont have to worry about anything for a week come Thursday. Come the 19th the school reality hits.

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