Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Times a flyin

I can't believe a Sunday passed without a blog post. I guess that's just how my weekend was.

It was my brothers graduation this past Thursday and I'm just getting to see all the pictures now. It makes me look back and think that I should have taken more pictures at my own grad. I took a whole 10 maybe, if that. Seeing him have all this fun makes me wish I could have done the same. But, we're different for a reason and at the time I didn't want to go to prom or take pictures at all. I didn't care for any of that nonsense and I still kinda don't.

I've been dead tired everyday i've came home from work so far this week. I'm not sure why it is, it could be my lack of sleeping at night, which needs to be corrected. All but two people in this house have been sick in the past week and i'm one of them that has not been sick. I would prefer not to be near sick when leaving in 11 days. God its so close. I think the more time passes, the more anxious I get. It should be a great time.

Sleeps a callin again.

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