Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Saying goodbye sucks

I kinda had a feeling the 10 days would go by way too fast, and it ended up being the case. However, it still ended up being the best week of my life. I can't thank everyone enough for how awesome this whole trip was. I'm going to write about everything that went on during the trip in a separate entry, just because it would be too much for one blog post to handle.

I expected the goodbyes to be hard, but they ended up being harder than I expected. I know that for next time though, it'll be much easier now that I've seen them all once already. I somewhat regret not buying a t-shirt or anything to remember my trip by, but we took so many pictures that it doesn't matter that I didn't get a souvenir like that.

I feel that my goodbye to adam was very poor and I hope that its understandable. Now I'm in Vancouver waiting to go home, with the only thing to look forward to is the release of Harry Potter in 2 weeks :(

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