Monday, August 24, 2009

How things work

Its real funny how some things work out. Last year, we were all against watching big brother. Cade and Daniel were the only two who watched it and they all encouraged the rest of us to watch it.

This year comes round and cade gets zach and sam to watch it. Turns out they like it. Cade and zach then turn to me and get me to watch it. Turns out I liked it. Zach did the same thing to Alexis too. Its real scary how fast things catch on if all your friends tell you its good.

3rd annual staff picnic today sucked, although the free food was almost worth it. I got chased around the grounds by people with super soakers and we played an egg toss in which I got pwned T_T. Egg all over me. I'll never live it down. Sigh.

I don't find myself dreading this school year as much as I have dreaded others. I can't figure out why. I haven't even begun to think about it yet and school starts in two weeks today. I'm just glad it'll go by just as fast as last year did.

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