Thursday, August 6, 2009

One Year

This blog has almost been around for a year. I've settled down to mostly posting one blog once a week, usually on my day off on Sunday's. I looked back at my old August 2008 entries and I noticed a couple things.

I said I didn't want to work that much this summer, and it was true to an extent. I didn't work more than 5 shifts a week, and I've been getting home at least an hour early for the past 4 weeks. It makes up for having to work as much as I expected. I also wrote about wanting to go places and meet people. That did happen and will happen more often in the near future. With regards to that, I said I was going to try my darnedest to go to the north west youtube gathering and that actually happened. I am really glad with how this summer went. I went into it expecting the best summer that I've had in years and I came out with having one of the best summer's ever.

Here's hoping next summer can trump this one, and I believe it will. I'm not going to try and predict anything for next summer because really, what else can I try and predict?

On one other note, I completely did not expect so much appreciation from Voldey appreciation month. Thank you all so much. I can't even begin to express how much I appreciate this.

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