Sunday, November 2, 2008

2 days from now :(

I just realized that Tuesday will be by far, the worst day of this semester. I have the worst class ever to start the morning. I then have to present in front of a group of about 30 people about the most famous hockey player in the world who I have been told I look like. Even random people who I have never met say that I kinda do look like him. I will not be saying that in my presentation though. Next comes another midterm. I should do well on it. Social Psychology is my favorite class so far. The prof is really funny and he is not one of those "shancy fancy" profs.

I finished guitar hero world tour last night as everyone in the skypeover would attest to. I finally put away my headphones after I failed the very last song about 10-15 times over again. In the end I guess Cade was right. Career was a waste of time. At least I can say I beat it on hard. I still cannot believe I failed Hot for Teacher by Van Halen at 95%. I am not very happy about that.

Something that I am also not happy about is liking firefox. I downloaded it just for the hell of it and find that I will be using it from now on. It is so much faster than IE and doesn't crass every 10 mintues open a new window. Now I must go start and finish my last assignment for management class. I hope I do not kill myself :).

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