Thursday, September 10, 2009

Road trip

As some of you know, I went on a road trip to Oregon two weeks ago and just returned this past Monday. It was alright. I wish we would have hung out more often with a couple of our friends but overall, I think it was pretty fun, besides some problems. No trip is without its problems though. I think I'm going to discuss what happened with a certain individual in the dear future, if I can work up the courage to do so. I just think he'll laugh it off and not think I'm being serious. I just wish not everything was a joke to him.

I started up school again this past Tuesday. It feels weird after being off for close to 20 weeks. I'm sure I'll get back into the rhythm soon enough. I feel as if this semester will go by as fast as every past semester has. I don't have many tests this term, which can be a good thing and a bad thing. Good meaning I don't have to study as often, but bad in the sense that I have to write a couple papers but I'll survive. I think I'm better off writing papers than wasting my time reading the textbook to study for these damn tests.

Big brother is over on Tuesday and after that, it'll be another 15 days before anything on TV is worth watching again (not that anyone else thinks hockey is worth watching ^_^).

I got guitar hero 5 while I was in Oregon, and I regret not getting the guitar with it. I've wanted a new guitar for 2 years now and have regretted not getting one with each new guitar hero that has been made. I'm going to take my time playing this one through. 85 songs are a lot to play through within the first week. I think I've managed to get through 15 or so, so far. That's pretty good.

I wish more people would blog on blogspot again so I'd have something to read when I get to school. No one blogs here anymore and it kinda sucks =[.

One thing I would like to say about road trips is that it kinda sucks being the only person who drove the entire trip. I mean, I probably would have been very bored had I not been driving, but driving for 21 and 18 hours straight kinda sucked, big time. I would recommend taking a road trip for anyone who has ever wanted to take one, just bring someone along who can drive too so you don't have to do all the driving yourself. 1157 miles is a long way to drive O_O. I'm actually shocked I didn't have to pull off to the side of the road on my way home to try and rest my eyes a bit. There was only a strech for about an hour where I was actually a bit tired but it ended up going away by the time I got to the next gas station.

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