Sunday, May 3, 2009


Well well well, wut up summa. Its nice to see you. Its been such a long time since you've been around that I've forgot what its like to see you. Right now the only things bothering me are not speaking to my mom about leaving for Oregon in 1.5 months and the stupid thick headed person I have to play my next street hockey game against. I'm not going to waste your time by explaining that here.
As of right now i've picked out the video's i want to show my mom before she goes to bed tonight, and im 117 episodes into Dragonball Z. All in all, the first week and a half of summer has gone by awesomely. I can't wait to see what the next two weeks hold instore.

Work is going well too. I now have permission to run movies almost at my will, as long as my GM knows about it. I will be watching star trek sometime before it opens thursday at 7pm. I've never seen an episode of star trek in my life, so I think I'll be one of very few people who see it going in with an open mind.

I procrastinate and I dont know how to stop :(

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