Sunday, May 17, 2009


I feel like I'm waiting too long to buy my tickets. My parents are home for another 3 days before they leave to montana for another weekend. Then its pretty much already June and I need to get these things settled asap. I know they think its "unsafe" for me to meet friends of mine from the internet, but those days are far behind everyone, and its much safer to meet friends online now, especially ones you've actually seen, not really in person but on your computer screen.

I never watched dragonball gt and I'm wondering if I even should. I was temped to buy seasons 1 and 2 at best buy on thursday, and I have to go back there to buy dragonball z season 9 on tuesday. Speaking of which, im on episode 244 now. I can't believe i've almost already watched 291 epsidoes over one month. That is actually insane.

It doesn't help now that a friend of mine from work actually found out I make youtube videos, and now someone I did not want to know knwos about it. It doesn't help that secrets run through that building like nothing, so in no time Connor will know, and I don't want to imagine what thats going to be like.

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SincerelyKimmi said...

June is so close!
This time I won't forget how long it is. :D
When Connur finds out just slap him! It's THE best solution.
N E WAYS everyone at work is just jealous.