Sunday, May 10, 2009

Why I'm here

This week has been full of people blogging about why they're here. Why they're blogging/youtubing/tweeting, all that jazz. It sounds depressing at first but it really is not.

I stumbled upon this community one year ago. I didn't know what to think at first, but i did notice that everyone was really nice and that everyone pretty much knew eachother already. Over the last year, I've made friends with so many new people. I cannot believe how awesome they all are. And I just thought the internet was full of jerks and assholes.

Now, I'm not sure about everyone else, but I've made friends with these people to be their friends, not to try and gain youtube numbers through them. Youtube for me is just a fun side project, I never expect anything to come of it, and making the videos is just a fun extra. I never thought that one year later I'd be a month away from meeting people off the internet. I know some people are in it for numbers, I'm not.

I will now always keep in touch with these people, even if I live in a different country and may only see them once a year. Even if youtube blows up, I'll still keep in contact with all of these wonderful people.

Now can we please get back to the nicer blog posts about music, gaming, the upcoming northwest youtube gathering, or how awesome wolverine and star trek have been!


Jeff Edelman said...

That's great that you are just online for the friendships. That's all that really matters. The video stuff should just be a fun, creative hobby.

thatzak said...

LOL very true Justin, it's all about the friendships and all this talk about why we're here is a bit depressing.

but I'm seeing Star Trek this week and I'm so damn excited!