Monday, August 25, 2008

Children should not drive

I realize that this is probably the 2nd consecutive blog about my little brother but it must be done. See, my 15 year old brother plays WoW for fun. And for fun I mean 10 hours + everyday. Now I know that this is his choice but we all must realize that once someone logs into WoW, a baby dies. Now I didn't know he was this much like my father that he would reply with "Good, it was probably African". I did not expect that. Are all WoW players like this? Do they really enjoy killing babies as much as they do?

This brings me to one of connurs embarrassing moments. Here in Canada, you can get your learners lisence at 14 years of age. Connur got his as soon as he turned 14. At this point in his life, he was still quite short. He still is quite short but not so short anymore. At this point he decides to get into my dads car and decides hes going to start learning how to drive. He keeps telling me that my dad wouldn't let him move the seat up but I do not believe him. So he proceeds to try and back up out of the driveway. He decides to put the car into drive and hits the garage door. My dad is very angry at this point and Connur decides he will never drive a car ever again. Then this goes into my next story about him almost killing me and my friend while trying to drive last monday. That story was in my first blog entry though.

That is enough about Connur and I will try not to talk about him and his WoW addiction again.

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Mallory said...

Connor drives me crazy.