Sunday, August 24, 2008


I've come to realize that the majority of the population on the internetz are n00bs. In one form or another they're there. There are very few people who have intelligence and they're the truly awesome ones.

This brings me to World of Warcraft, or more commonly known as WoW. I don't understand why people sell their souls to this game. They all know that as soon as they create an account they will be addicted. They also know that they're wasting $40 every 2 months to play a game that could be done without. Everyday, millions of people wish Blizzard had never created this monstrosity of a game. It destroys lives and kills babies. Why would you want to play a game that kills babies? My best friend and little brother play this game and they waste countless hours "raiding" or "pvping" or "questing" and I see no point in the matter. My brother even has even tried to get me to start an account. He keeps telling me "I have one free month for you, and I'm going to make you start it". For one, I will not kill a baby. Secondly, I will not sell my soul away to blizzard and WoW.

There are also those kinds of n00bs go into blogtv rooms and say "whos cadegoestocollege" in his own chat. I know they're only probably trolling but it makes for great entertainment. Another great form of entertainment are fanboys/girls that try and talk to you on instant messangers. Those people are just so ridiculous that it makes me happy :).

Also on this list are noobs who try and sneak into movies. Are they just dumb or what? Do they think that you can't see them trying to walk in? I've kicked out too many people just because they're stupid and these same people turn around and think that you're just as stupid as they are. It is also typically the same people that get kicked out all the time. I mean over the time that I've been working at the movie theatre, I can think of 10 occasions where I've kicked out the same people over and over again. It just gets so tedious that sometimes you just want to let it slide.

I cannot think of any other n00bs right now. Comment about the types of n00bs that I missed


Mallory said...

How about the n00bs who say, "sub4sub"?
Okay, they're a species that are often on the tip of the mind, but I DUN LIKE EM.

Awh, kicking people out of theaters, FTL. Next time, try just kicking THEM.

Oh, also, WoW, FTL.

SincerelyKimmi said...

n00bs are most irritating.
they drive me up the wall.
specially that connur fanboiii.