Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I hate getting my haircut

Now it's time for an embarrassing story about myself =]

Lets go back in time to 2001 when I was in grade 8. This is the year that I moved school's because everyone was being a jerk at my old school. I believe the setting is a cold winters day, but I'm not too sure.

I have been bothering my mother about a haircut for some time now. Every other hairdresser was closed and I really wanted one. My mom and I conveniently went to superstore(crappy Canadian store, don't ask :P). We proceed to find a hairdresser inside the superstore. They were nice enought to take me in right before they closed. And now a very traumatic life event occurs.

I tell the hairdresser that I would like a cesar 2. I don't know if he had a hearing problem or what because I thought my mom said it pretty clearly. He then proceeds to turn on the razor and cut straight down the middle of my hair. By this time, you can't actually say anything because there's a huge cut in the middle of your hair. We proceed to let him finish the distruction of my childhood. I leave the place with a bald head and anger towards every which person in the world. I was angry at my mom for ages. I never went back to the place. I wanted to swear death threats on his life. Only did I forgive my mom 2 years later.

The next day at school, I did not want to take off my hat and show that I had a bald head. It was too embarrassing. I had to and everyone laughed at me. I just wanted to hide and not go back to school until my hair grew back.

Since that day, I have always been afraid to go to the hairdresser, thinking they're going to screw up my hair again. Heed my advice, HAIRDRESSERS ARE EVIL AND THEY'RE OUT TO RUIN OUR LIVES.

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SincerelyKimmi said...

That is the saddest of stories.
I'm sorry about your unfortunate childhood experience.