Friday, August 29, 2008

At a loss for words

I forgot to blog yesturday. Well, it was more along the lines of not having enough time to write a blog. It was one of those days where I woke up extremely late in the day(1:30) and had to be at work for 5pm. I still managed to listen to teawithtodd and laugh my ass off once again. There doesn't seem to be a day where I don't laugh at that podcast.

One thing I've always wondered is how long of a gap should be between video uploads. I'm thinking about one a week? I'm not too sure, I'm still new to making my own videos and such. On the subject of youtube, there is someone who I would like to bring to everyone's attention. His youtube name was LittleKuriboh. He was one of the most popular youtubers last year, until whatever company owns Yu-Gi-Oh! filed a copyright claim against him. He lost his account but still makes his awesome videos. If you've ever watched the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime series you would cry watching these 6 mintue videos. He pretty much makes fun of the show and summerizes the show itself into 6 mintues, while voice acting all the parts. Funny thing is, he almost does all the voices exactly like the voice actors themselves. I've posted is blog in the side bar XD and everyone should go check out his video's, if you watched Yu-Gi-Oh! that is. If not, his video's probably would not suit your humor.

I've also been thinking about getting an iPod touch. Is it worth it? Let me know. =]. I think after watching college, I shall watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Then go back to the theatre for 12:30 to watch hamlet 2 ^-^. Funny isn't it? On my 3rd last day off before school starts I'm watching movies all day.

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