Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just can't stop....

I seem to always find something else to do instead of picking my final class for college this up comming semester.

I wanted to pick up this final class at the beginning of August. That didn't happen. I then chose the middle of August as the target date for trying to pick it. It is now August 20th and I'm stuck writing this blog now because I just don't want to pick it.

I sat down at 3pm to try and look at the class book today. But then I found out my good friend got fired today so we talked for an hour about that. Then I picked her up from 7-11, while letting Connor drive my car for the first time(he almost backed it into a parked car so that will never happen again). Then I found out someone had stolen some candy and put it inside my brothers locker(they shared the same locker). We then proceeded to go to Cineplex(name of theatre chain) and stayed there for about 2 hours trying to find the candy that was hidden inbetween some lockers.

Then I proceeded to come home and eat pizza, watch davey make a fool of himself on blogtv drunk(with garnet). Then comes the fun part. I started playing guitar hero. Woott gooo me XD.

I started expert and only failed one of the 6 songs I played(I only failed once and managed to 5 star 2 others). And now I'm making this blog to continue procrastinating. Just wonderful.

Oh and it does suck that colbert and stewart are on vacation for a week. I could use some laugher


confidential247 said...

Yay for more bloggers! I'm a podcaster :)

alwaystextback said...

work is so crazy...haha i wanna win the lottery!!

SincerelyKimmi said...

Connor is so irresponsible.

but that's awweesommee you're gonna start blogging.

Mallory said...