Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Everyweek :(

It seems to me like I can only write one blog entry a week now. I've got to get up on this. Too bad I cannot write blogs from my iPod touch. It would be so much more convienent that way. It allows me to post comments and even title my blogs but it wont let me type in this bubble area here. I have a midterm tomorrow and on thursday. After that I am going to take a long break from studying. Which is pretty much going to be 2 weeks until my next midterm. Then testing season begins again. I am glad that I am still doing book club on days that I have exams. Its good for relaxation. It helps calm the anxiety before the storm.

Going to best buy is always an adventure. I always end up buying more than I wanted to. Well I think I kind of planned this anyway but I still spent 107 dollars at best buy today. I bought Iron man, the 40 year old virgin, knocked up and forgetting sarah marshall, all on blu-ray. The best thing though is that forgetting sarah marshall came with a digital version, which means I can download it to my iPod and watch it any time I want. I am going to enjoy the 3 disk special edition of Wall-E that comes out at the end of November. It has a digital copy as well, and it will be put on my iPod right away. I hope they do the same with the dark knight. I think I'm going to end up with more gig's used up on my iPod from movies than from music.

Theres my blog for "This week". I'm going to try and post more often after my examination week is over. XD

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SincerelyKimmi said...

please do post moreee.
I love reading your blogs.
Stupid midterms.
They make me sad.
Another reason I'm glad I'm not in college yet!
thnx 4 reeding 2 me 2nite.