Monday, September 22, 2008

Testing season

Testing season is on the horizon. One test this week and 2 next week. But it just means the semester is getting closer to ending. The first month of school is almost finally over and I'm real glad that good movies are still coming out to help pass the time by. Among being friends with great online folk that I shall meet within the next year, if everything goes as planned.

I bought watchmen today and I think I'm going to start reading it tomorrow night. I wanted to read it tonight but I got sidetracked by awesome skype conversations. Speaking of which, Cade and I finished reading Philosophers stone to Kimmi. The best part after was we found a quiz on spark notes and gave it to kimmi to test her. She forgot that Hermione was the one who got attacked by the troll on halloween XD. We will be starting Chamber of Secrets tomorrow. It should be wonderful.

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