Saturday, January 31, 2009

Laptop :(

I want it back. I was supposed to get a call "during the latter half of the week" to let me know of the estimate and whether it would be a good idea for me to go through with the operation or not. I have yet to hear a thing and its going on two weeks that I've been without it. I cannot stand my parents desktop anymore and I no longer want to use IE. I now see what its like to go back after using firefox for so long. I miss being able to lie in my bed and have my laptop there. I want to be able to watch TV and be on my laptop again. I really hope this is not a prolonged process or I'm going to be a very unhappy person for quite sometime. It still has the one video I was working on before I just happened to have it on the side of my bed and just hop back onto my bed not thinking of what would happen if it were to fall *starts swearing profusely* . I WANT IT BACK T_T

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ShutUpChago said...

know how you feel.