Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Skype Contacts Blog

I had to. I have become bored and it must be done to keep my sanity in check.

*NOTE* These are randomized so it wont be easy for anyone to figure out who they are WOOT *NOTE*
1. Just recently added you. Don't know why or even if I will ever talk to you.
2. We have not talked very often, that is mostly my fault. You are a good guy and I wish to speak to you more often
3. Very cool person and I hope your luck improves. I really want to talk to you more often
4. If anything, I will remember how not to treat a person when remembering you. I want to become friends again because you are an awesome person to talk to. I don't know if you'll forgive me for taking things too far.
5. Don't ever talk to you. You seem to just be a guppy to someone
6. Only ever talked to you in group situations. Cool guy, met through a friend
7. You seemed like a cool guy in the summer. You seem too much like a player..
8. I lost every bit of respect for you after you did that. I cannot believe you'd do that. You do not deserve to have gained what you got from doing this little stunt.
9. Quite possibly one of the nicest people I have ever talked to in my life. You are always so happy and jubilant that it brightens up my day to speak with you. With all that you've experienced in the last month, I can't imagine how I'd stay as humble as you've been. Meeting you in June will be a very delightful experience.
10. Just started youtube. I hope all goes well. You can learn from the best.
11. Again, another person I've only started talking to recently. You are also too stressed about college and your profussive swearing makes me laugh. I hope we become better friends.
12. Absolutely wonderful friend. You are such a kind hearted person as well. It is too bad that you get the brunt of all the jokes most of the time. I think that gives this one away ._.
13. Good friend. Just started speaking to you more often. I will help you get through college and we srsly suck at singing on cue.
14. I'm surprised you still friends with you with all the lies you tell. I should put that behind me and try to be a better friend. I just don't know if the lying will ever stop.
15. I've talked to you 2 times? You seemed pretty cool until you were a prick to a friend of mine. Not cool at all.
16. First youtube friend. You have gone off the internet completely. We have lost touch and I hope things get back on track.
17. One of my first friends. At first I didn't think you liked me, now we talk more often than not. I really do hope for the best for you and I hope you can come to Oregon in June.
18. Only spoke to you on skype yesturday. Cool guy, I should speak to you more often.
19. One of the first people I ever talked to on skype/blogtv/youtube. Great taste in movies and music and cannot wait to meet you in June as well.
20. You may have your own stupid moments, but as do I. I am glad your moments have been broadcast over the internet though :P
21. We should talk more often. You are an amazing girl and I hope what that prick said to you doesn't make you think we all think that way.
22. You are a good friend. I have lost touch with you and I want to get back to the way things were in the summer.
23. I don't know where to start. I did not ever imagine getting the chance to speak with you. I thought that your sub count would deter you away from speaking with me. Little did I know you'd turn out to be one of my best friends. The target is gaining respect from me, this has to stop. June is too far away my friend.
24. Cool kid. Just started talking to you more over the last couple months. I hope everything works out and I can meet you in June too kanye west.
25. Your prior commitments have made you disappear online. You are still quite the young woman and your happiness always brightens my day. See you in June
26. You are amazing. You go for what you want and you never give up. I am going to be so happy to see you in June. I do hope you grow a backbone by then. Hehehehohohohahah
27. This one has to be a give away. I Just only started speaking to you and I have helped turn you into a zombie already. I hope you don't hate me for that.
28. You seem like a wonderful woman. I only ever spoke to you during the first skypeover.
29. Hilarious person. You've gone through a lot lately and I've only spoken to you while a particular person was making an ass of himself. I want that to change.
30. All I have to say is that you're a jonas brothers fan xD.

I may be easier than I hoped it to be for all of you to figure this out.


Crystalkay14 said...

I honestly, don't know what one i am... :/

SincerelyKimmi said...

mine was too easy to guess. <333

Mallory said...

awhh, i found me!
i've been getting better at being around, though. mostly . . .
see you in june, justin.