Sunday, January 4, 2009

Terrible sleeping patterns

I have a feeling that sleeping in until 3pm today will bite me in the butt. I decided that to close out the holidays, I'd stay up until 5 am and not wake up until just said time. I will probably not be able to sleep at a reasonable time, meaning my class at 12 is going to suffer. I am quite pleased that I was able to manage a 4 day school week this term, with being in class for only 2 hours Monday and Wednesday and for 3 hours Tuesday and Thursday, with an hour and a half spare between classes Tuesday and Thursday. That spare will be great for when I have textbook reading to finally do, making my time at home more directed towards being lazy and looking forward to summer.

Not once over this break has my laptop left my bed. I do not know whether that is a good thing or not. I will decide on that at a later date. I've also found that instead of cleaning my room like I had wanted, I am now writing this blog post. Aptly titled blog ftw.

These skype contact blog's are really confusing. Most of the ones I have picked out which ones are me either very easily or I could pick between 4 that could possibly be me. I'm not going to bother making one, it just seems like a fad now.

I'm half way done cleaning my room, I need to clean up my "bookshelf". I quoted bookshelf because only half a shelf is dedicated to books. The rest are video games and blu-ray disk's.

Vacation is now over, the next vacation that arrives should be the best one of my life.

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