Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Obviously not learning

As you can tell by the title, I am using this time to make sure I am not learning. I can't decide whether or not bringing my laptop to class is a bad idea. On the one hand class goes by faster, but on the other I am severely distracted by the internets. It is definitely a bad combination.

Yesterday, I played 4 games of hockey and played a terrible goaltender most of the time. I only kept my team in the game in the 1st game and every other game I played like crap. I don't know why I always play so bad. I know I can play well, I just need to "get my head in the game". I can't believe I just used a HSM quote. I don't feel 21 anymore.

Finals begin in a little less than 3 weeks and its becoming that time again. I am not looking forward to studying all the time but it wont be as bad as last term. I don't even think I will be studying for all that long if I do start two weeks before the final starts. Incremental studying > cramming.

We're now watching some stupid video on Canadian emeralds and I'm not impressed. Some girl just walked in 45 minutes late to class and shes already proven to be a big loser. She interrupted the class to get her midterm and then up and left. Great student mirite?

I insist on talking about more Oilers woes. Losing again put us 2 points out of a playoff spot. This is what the playoff picture looks like right now.

I really need to stop talking about hockey to no one that wants to read about it.

Western Conference Snapshot:
SEED TEAM PTS GP RECORD Games Left Home Games Road Games Last 10 Projected

7 84 76 38-30-8 6 2 4 5-1-4 91 96

8 83 76 36-30-9 6 1 5 7-2-1 90 95


9 82 76 38-31-6 6 2 4 7-3-0 88 94

10 81 76 36-30-9 6 5 1 4-4-2 87 93

11 80 76 36-32-8 6 3 3 4-4-2 86 92


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