Saturday, March 28, 2009

I am astonished

It really amazes me that I am allowed to get away with so much at work. Today I asked my manager if I could bring a TV into the theatre with the satellite in it so I could watch the Oilers game. He had no objections. I managed to watch all of the Oilers game and proceeded to make sure all the movies looked alright for the paying customers. Along with that I went to get food and the line up was too long so I was told I could come back once the line up was over. I was planning on doing it after the Oilers game was over but I forgot and only remembered once all the till`s were cashed up. So I managed to get my food for free today.

Also with that the Oilers won today to get back into 7th place, 1 point up on the rest of the teams chasing them for the last 2 playoff spots. I wanted to do a video about that but now I`m thinking I should just come up with something else. I will try to think of something soon, it has already been a month and I wanted to cut it down to one every 2 weeks. Oh well. One thing that is making me really estatic is that school is over in two weeks and I cannot wait.

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