Sunday, March 8, 2009

The mark of summer

I like to think of daylight savings time as the mark of the summer. It may screw up our sleeping patterns for a couple days but it helps us in the long run. It already adds another hour of daylight into our days. This extra hour adds on to the amount of daylight in the day meaning warmer temperatures YAY!

Which brings me to -30C in the middle of march WTF. The over night low over the next few days is going to be -30C. This only happens a few times out of the year but WTF why now?! I want it to start getting warmer not colder :(.

After my midterm tomorrow I have to finish my share of my group projects. Whether or not my other group members do their share is beyond me. I will be getting started on my share on both projects after my midterm is over tomorrow, as I just said -_-. I want to have all these things done before the end of March so I have nothing to worry about besides booking my tickets. Oh that'll be a great day.


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